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    Shroom | Psilocybin | Magic Mushroom Strain Labeling | .75 x 2.25”
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  • SHROOMS | 3.5g Mylar Bags | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging
    SHROOMS 3.5g 8th Bags Mylar Resealable Barrier Bag Packaging 3.5 Gram
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Magic mushrooms become quite prone to mold or bacteria if they are not preserved properly. Even if they don't rot, the active components in shrooms will degrade with time, lowering the efficacy of your magic mushrooms. You must understand how to properly store magic mushrooms if you want to keep them safe for a long time and retain their strength.
Fortunately, storing magic mushrooms doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Simple household materials like zip lock bags or mason jars can be used to store mushrooms for a short period. But Mylar bags are an ideal magic mushroom packaging solution. Here is all the information you need regarding the storage of dried magic mushrooms. 

Shroom Packaging FAQs

How Long Will Mushrooms Last In Storage?

When preserved properly, dried mushrooms can last for a very long period (up to a year). They do not require refrigeration.

Magic mushrooms can be stored properly to extend their shelf life from three months (in a non-airtight container) to two years or more (Mylar bags).

Even if you don't want to keep your mushies for 2 years, you should take the right precautions to store them so that the potency loss is kept to a minimum.

Your mushrooms will decay, degrade, and lose their effectiveness as a result of four primary factors. You'll obtain a longer shelf life from your mushrooms if you can reduce all four of these factors:

  1. Heat
  2. Mold & bacteria
  3. Oxygen 
  4. UV light

Magic mushrooms are both psychedelics and mushrooms. They are prone to mold and decay, much like any other fungal, especially in damp environments. Your mushrooms lose their potency and become unusable when that occurs. You face the danger of having a bad trip as well as being sick.

How to Store Magic Mushrooms


Storing Magic Mushrooms in Jars

(6–12 months storage)

A glass or plastic jar is a convenient storage container for dried magic mushrooms. They are made to form an airtight seal that prevents oxygen from entering your container and delays the oxidation that would otherwise reduce the strength of your mushrooms. Your magic mushroom's jar should be kept in a cool, dry, dark location, like a cellar or cabinet, for the greatest results. With this technique, you can often store items for around six months without any discernible potency loss. The mushrooms will begin to lose their potency after this. By the end of a year, the mushrooms should still be functional, but their potency will have significantly decreased in comparison to mushrooms stored with more sophisticated methods.

Packaging Shrooms In Mylar Bags

For many different types of psilocybin items, this flexible packaging option is an excellent low-cost packaging option and is the most ideal. The 3.5g Mylar bags we stock here at Creative Labz offer an additional degree of security thanks to their tamper-evident, heat-sealed tops with tear-notch openings. Our magic mushroom 8th bags' heavy-duty zipper enables them to be resealed after being opened for a reusable storage solution. Our 3.5g bags are designed to hold dried shrooms and much more for long-term storage. These robust Mylar bags will preserve the freshness of your mystical magic mushrooms.

100% Smell Proof

For discreet storage of your preferred magic mushroom products, keep those stinky odors locked away. Your shrooms will remain fresher for longer thanks to this sturdy Mylar bag.

Perfect for long-term food storage

For long-term storage of dried magic mushrooms and other items, our 3.5g Mylar bags are designed. These robust Mylar bags will preserve the freshness of your product for longer. These bags are a significantly better choice than regular zip-top bags.

Premium airtight resealable zipper

The superior airtight resealable zipper on our high-quality 8th bags keeps your magic mushrooms safe and secure while also keeping them fresh. Using this strong resealable zipper, any scents and freshness are sealed inside.

Is shroom packaging smell proof?

Shroom packaging should be smell proof. In order to properly package magic mushrooms one sure ensure using an airtight method. Such a method would not only lock in freshness, but also any odor. In order to create this type of seal, one must use jars or Mylar bags. 

Is Mylar a smell proof packaging option for magic mushrooms?

Mylar is known as a choice smell proof packaging option. That being said, when packaging magic mushrooms, Mylar bags would certainly be a smell proof packaging solution. 

Will Mylar bags increase the shelf life of magic mushrooms?

Mylar bags create an airtight barrier locking in freshness and odor. With the Mylar bags preservative qualities, it’s safe to say storing shrooms in Mylar bags will increase their shelf life for months. 

Is Mylar safe to package dried shrooms in?

Mylar bags are a safe option for packaging shrooms and magic mushroom chocolates alike. This type of shroom packaging is ideal for increasing shelf life and preserving potency. 

What is the best magic mushroom packaging?

The best shroom packaging would be a toss up between jars and Mylar bags. With both options, it is important to create as much of an airtight seal as possible. Furthermore, when packaging gel capsules for micro dosing, be sure to store your packaging at appropriate temperatures.

Can I package shrooms while wet?

Though shrooms can be packaged for a very short period time while wet, packaging wet magic mushrooms can lead to a variety of issues such as mildew, mold and bacteria. We at Creative Labz highly recommend only packaging properly dried Magic’s mushrooms.