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Cannabis Flower Packaging | White Label Packaging

Cannabis quality is completely irrelevant without appropriate marijuana packaging and branding, despite the fact that it may appear to be the most important product for a cannabis store to concentrate on. Finding a marijuana packaging supplier with industry experience and high-quality packaging materials should be a top priority when creating a business plan. Make sure your provider fits into your budget, but don't skimp on quality. It maintains your dispensary looking professional to customers, assures compliance with local standards and regulations, prevents spoilage of your cannabis flower supply, and gives space for information and advertising.

Cannabis Flower Packaging for the Purpose of Your Product

While marijuana is a component of your inventory, it must be kept fresh. You might have vacuum-sealed jars or bags for this. Only cannabis sold within a certain amount of time after harvest may be sold. No matter how fresh you keep it, once it leaves your shelf and is in the custody of a consumer, you still have very little control over its level of freshness.

Once it is out of your sight, having proper cannabis packaging can ensure longer shelf life. By keeping the air out, Mylar bags help to maintain freshness. A dispensary may also serve its flowers in push-and-turn plastic vials or glass jars. All of these solutions serve the purpose of preserving marijuana's freshness for a longer time. The aesthetics are what distinguishes them. You might want to think about using various packaging for various marijuana strains or dosages. When choosing to package, branding is another factor to take into account. Fortunately, most types of packaging include room for labeling.

White Label Packaging for Cannabis Flower

A lot of companies today are adopting the use of white labeling due to the expense and difficulty that is involved in getting cannabis licenses. Let us get a brief understanding of what white labeling is.

White labeling, hence, the term "white label," is the process of swapping out one product or service's trademark and emblem with another. Large, established corporations frequently engage in this transaction, but it's also growing increasingly prevalent in the cannabis industry as organizations look for ways to get past the challenging production process of cannabis.

Therefore, when you visit your preferred upmarket dispensary, the budtender delivers you their own Mint Chocolate Chip flower that is packed in a special dispensary bag. You might be shocked to learn that the flower being offered has absolutely nothing to do with your preferred dispensary. The product the budtender is selling has a white label, but it might also be the one on the shelf next to it that is sold in its own packaging for a greater price.

Cannabis producers use this as an opportunity to sell their products to bigger companies, even if that involves branding and packaging their goods under a new name.

Private labeling is another idea. White labeling and private labeling are nearly identical. With white labeling, the maker sent his flower to dozens of different dispensaries, which is the primary distinction. However, the flower with a private label was made just for your preferred dispensary.

No matter the kind of cannabis packaging that you decide to use, be it Mylar bags, pre-roll boxes, ceramic/disposable vape cartridges, or glass jars, you can still opt for white labeling.

Maintaining Compliance Via Packaging

Every part of the rapidly expanding cannabis industry is subject to new restrictions, including marijuana packaging. These regulations, whether local or national, must be followed by your store. Fortunately, the majority of package standards are sensible guidelines that ensure children's safety. Even if it is not required in your area, offering your consumers a secure means to buy cannabis will foster loyalty and increase repeat business.

Thankfully, child-safe packaging is widely accessible. Even pharmacy bags are child-resistant. Pop-top bottles with child-proof tops are also available. Providing customers with assurance can solidify you as a reputable company. Additionally, it ought to give you comfort to know that your goods won't be abused or misused.

Labeling is covered under marijuana packaging rules as well. Quality packaging offers room for the minimal amount of labeling necessary to comply with requirements and, if necessary, space for your logo. Numerous laws demand information about your company or the goods it contains. Although this information is easily accessible online, a marijuana packaging supplier who is worthy of your business should be able to provide it.

Package Labeling As Branding

Labels on packages are used for more than just following rules. While following labeling regulations is required, you can also use the labeling on your product to promote your brand by adding visuals or language.

Your package labels are the ideal advertising space, provided you follow any rules that may be relevant to your dispensary. For marijuana flowers, you can add a sentence or two about the strain or details on the grower and the growing procedure. To coincide with the strain name, you can print a creative image. Make sure the THC concentrates' consistency, color, and flavor are described on the label. More details, imaginative writing, or attention-grabbing artwork will help people recognize your brand and pay attention to you.


A successful marijuana shop must have high-quality branding and packaging. Packaging that goes above and beyond what is required by law ensures recurring business. Maintaining product freshness, offering professional aesthetics to your product, fostering client trust through safety compliance, and integrating lovely copy and images all contribute to the perception of high-quality packaging.