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  • Mylar Bag Strain Labeling | .75 x 2.25”
    Mylar Bag Strain Labeling | .75 x 2.25”
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  • Shroom | Psilocybin | Magic Mushroom Strain Labeling | .75 x 2.25”
    Shroom | Psilocybin | Magic Mushroom Strain Labeling | .75 x 2.25”
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  • Certification Labeling | Holographic Sticker
    Certification Stickers (Pre-Applied To Product)
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  • Magnetic Security Strip | Barcode | Labeling Pre-Applied To Bags
    Magnetic Security Strip | Barcode | Labeling Pre-Applied To Bags
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  • Humidity Pack | 2 Gram 55% Moisture Pack | Rectangle Shape
    Humidity Pack | 2 Gram 55% Moisture Pack | Rectangle Shape
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  • Humidity Packs 67 Gram 58% Moisture Pack Rectangle Shape
    Humidity Packs 67 Gram 58% Moisture Pack Rectangle Shape
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  • Magic Mushroom Warning Labeling Sticker | .75 x 2.25”
    Magic Mushroom Warning Labeling Sticker | .75 x 2.25”
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  • Magic Mushroom Warning Labeling Sticker | Diamond Logo | .75 x 2.25”
    Magic Mushroom Warning Labeling Sticker | Diamond Logo | .75 x 2.25”
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Be sure to give your customers the true quality product feel with our labeling options!
We carry a wide variety of stickers and labels that include authentication labeling, custom strain labels, and logo branding.
+ Why your cannabis packaging needs strain labeling:

The CBD sector has thrived in the last ten years. The market has been flooded with cannabis-based products. Furthermore, with marijuana legalization spreading across the United States, the future seems bright.

CBD products are available in a variety of forms, including tinctures, concentrates, oils, and edibles, to mention a few. Producers may be baffled by the current regulatory framework when it comes to naming, packaging, and labeling their products.

The cannabis industry is currently worth tens of billions of dollars in sales. Every day, new cannabis-infused goods make their way onto store shelves in permitted states.

However, stringent label compliance restrictions and standards are in place, which, while confusing and daunting, are critically necessary for cannabis farmers and distributors to maintain sales.

+ Cannabis Regulations:

Cannabis has yet to be declared legal in all 50 states, whether for recreational, medical, or combined purposes. Up to thirty-six states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis in some form as of April 2021.

When it comes to labeling cannabis goods for consumers, states that have legalized cannabis set their own norms and regulations. Because these rules are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, maintaining state compliance is critical.

This also complicates the labeling of cannabis goods.

Dispensaries that sell products must have a valid license, and manufacturers must follow federal and state regulations or risk stiff penalties. Here are a few examples:

  • Large fines
  • Revocation of licensing or certification
  • Closure of business
  • Recalls on products
+ Labeling Requirements:

Things might become a bit complicated when it comes to cannabis label standards. In order to be compliant, not every state has legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes, and each state has its own label requirements addressing the eligibility for cannabis goods.

Many different types of products can be labeled with cannabis labels, including:

  • Pre-rolls & cones
  • Flowers & buds
  • Oils & tinctures
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals
  • Vaporizers
  • Edibles
  • Extracts

Cannabis labels are required by law to include specific information about the product being sold. The information on these labels is much similar to that seen on nutritional fact labels on packaged foods and beverages. The following are some typical standards for regulated cannabis labels:

  • Manufacturer information
  • Specific font sizes
  • Active ingredients
  • Important dates
  • Testing information

There are two components to be cautious of when labeling cannabis products: primary and information panels. Panels are label sections that are displayed, presented, or displayed on the product. Each panel serves a certain role, such as providing information or branding.

Let’s take a deeper look at each label panel’s specific information.

+ Primary Panel:

On the front of the packaging is the primary panel, sometimes known as the “brand” label or “prime” label.

Because this label is customer-facing, it is the first thing a potential buyer sees when looking at products on a store shelf. The information on these labels differs by state; however, there is some common ground.

+ Common Information:
  • Branding
  • Product name
  • Volume or net weight
  • Batch tracking ID numbers
  • Cannabinoid content
  • Required universal symbols or markings
+ Information Panel:

The information panel, sometimes known as a supplementary panel, is located on the package’s back or sides.

It contains more in-depth information to help consumers learn more about the product. Again, the label information standards vary by state, although secondary panels contain certain universal criteria.

Testing information, such as whether the cannabis product has come into touch with any pesticides or insecticides, and additional cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids information, may be found on secondary panels.

Customers can scan QR codes on this area of the label to get full product details, including lab testing information and updated cannabinoid and terpene profiles, by scanning the code.

+ Common Information:
  • Plant strain type & name
  • Contact information & company name
  • The sativa/indica classification
  • Unique serial number
  • Lab information
  • Specific dates (tested/cultivated/expiration)
  • Volume statement or net weight
  • Percentages of CBD, THC, CBN, THCA, etc.
+ Warnings:

Because cannabis still remains a Schedule I controlled substance, most states need special warning strain labels on cannabis goods. Some popular cannabis warning labels include the following statements indicating that the product is or contains:

  • For medical use only
  • Health risks
  • Habit-forming
  • Ability impairments
  • Age restrictions
  • Not for animals or children
  • Resale and transfer restrictions
  • Not for pregnant and breastfeeding women
+ Why your marijuana packaging should be tamper-evident:

Tamper-evident labeling will always have a place in the marijuana industry's ever-expanding marketplace. So you can be sure of one thing: as long as marijuana is legal, businesses will require tamper stickers to stay in business, and for a good reason.

Tamper labels are necessary by law, and they are also extremely advantageous to your business; therefore, today, we will discuss what tamper-proof labels are and why you need them.

The greatest choice for flower packaging in the marijuana market is to use tamper-evident labels for your child-resistant packaging. The most successful marijuana stores are aware of this and are capitalizing on it. Let's get started without further ado.

+ What Are Tamper-Evident Labels?

Tamper-evident stickers are seals that indicate whether or not your cannabis product has been opened while also notifying consumers that there is marijuana within. Tamper-resistant labels are carefully placed on the container's opening region, making it obvious whether the product has been tampered with.

The tamper-proof labels would attach from the top of the jar to the lid once cannabis was stored in a jar. The tamper-evident seal will rip when the jar is twisted open, indicating that the product has been forcibly opened.

As a result, tamper-proof labels are the most effective way to keep all wholesale smoke shop and dispensary products safe. After an unpleasant occurrence in 1982 in which people were fatally exposed to deadly laced pills, tamper-proof labels were mandatory.

Following this tragic event, the US government passed the Federal Anti-Tampering Act, which makes it illegal to "maliciously cause or attempt to cause damage or death to any person, or injury to any business's reputation, by adulterating a food, medication, cosmetic, or other product."

As a firm that values its customers and employees, you understand the need to have high-quality, dependable, and lawful tamper-evident stickers for your tamper-evident packaging.

The valuable addition of tamper-proof shrink bands is one of the reasons why tamper-evident stickers can be so beneficial. Shrink bands are one of the most perfect and cost-effective ways to give your marijuana products tamper-evident protection.

Normally, you would use your hand to wrap the shrink band around the neck, cap, or container lid. Then you apply heat to the tamper-evident seal with a heat tunnel or a heat gun to produce a tight fit on your container.

+ Does My Marijuana Business Need Tamper Evident Stickers?

Yes, tamper-evident security stickers are required for your company. It is your responsibility as a marijuana dispensary or smoke shop to supply your consumers with small tamper-proof stickers that add an extra layer of safety to your product. Consumer safety is critical, and including a tamper seal with your products can help you gain consumer and market trust.

Additionally, having a label that says "CONTAINS MARIJUANA KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN," like our tamper-evident California warning labels, protects small children while also complying with packaging rules.

As a result, you'll want to receive your tamper-proof stickers as soon as possible to safeguard the safety of your customers and maintain your tamper-evident packaging legal. Our clear tamper-proof stickers from Creative Labz will assist marijuana businesses in complying with their state's cannabis packaging regulations and maintaining labeling requirements to ensure their packaging is tamper-evident.

The cap liner is a useful item included with several of our tamper seals. Our cap liners at Creative Labz are produced from non-toxic foam. Because the liner comes into direct touch with marijuana goods, making sure the material is safe and non-harmful should be a top focus for your organization.

The cap liner goes between the cap and the bottle to aid the bottle's ability to perform well while also ensuring that the cannabis product is properly sealed.

Furthermore, having tamper-proof seal stickers in your inventory raises the likelihood of consumer loyalty and trust in your company. Consumers will believe that if your tamper-evident seal is reliable, they will have a similar experience the next time they buy from you.

A tamper-evident seal also appears to be more secure. Would you prefer the bottle of soda with a visible tamper-evident seal around the top of the container/bottle or the bottle of soda without the seal based purely on appearances?

The majority of individuals would answer tamper seal stickers because they make them feel safe and secure. By providing your consumers with a tamper-evident seal, you demonstrate that you care about their health and are actively worried about their safety.

+ Why Use Tamper-Proof Labels?

There are several logical reasons to use tamper-proof labels that you will realize why you need them without much persuasion, so let's get started.

It's preferable if you utilize tamper-evident labels on your cannabis packaging because you won't be able to compete in the 420 packaging sector for long if you don't. Why? Mostly because your business must not only keep your consumers safe but also adhere to tight state requirements for packaging and legally selling marijuana.

Noncompliance with state marijuana packaging laws can result in heavy fines and the closure of a business. To save your firm from getting shut down, your tamper-evident labels for jars must be lawful.

Tamper-proof jar labels are also required since you want to ensure that your product has not been tampered with before it is delivered to your customer or used so that its integrity is not jeopardized.

The following are some other reasons why your legal dispensary should utilize tamper seal stickers: They advocate for product safety, which is bad for business. For starters, product recalls can be costly, and you may lose a significant amount of revenue as a result. Not to mention taking a hit in the court of public opinion, which has the power to shape your company's story.

Before you offer your cannabis products to the general public, use tamper labels to ensure that the required legal safety procedures are in place. Holographic tamper-evident labels have a higher level of visibility, giving customers more assurance.

Nobody wants to replace destroyed goods; it takes time and is inefficient in almost every way. Companies selling wholesale cannabis products need to buy from a reputable packaging firm that can provide them with the best tamper seal weed labels, which will help their cannabis dispensary or smoke shop succeed.

Customers will always prefer brands that provide the finest protection for their products, such as tamper-proof jar labels.

+ Tamper-Evident Labels: The Summary

The summary is that your product must have a tamper-evident seal, period. Seal stickers that are tamper-proof aren't going away anytime soon. Tamper-evident stickers are just too dependable, efficient, and cost-effective for the marijuana industry to ignore.

Why would you want your firm to miss out on this incredibly lucrative market deliberately, given how popular, beneficial, trustworthy, and successful they are? As marijuana laws change and it becomes legal in more places across the country, the need for tamper seal stickers rises in tandem with the demand for marijuana.

So why are you delaying? Do not waste any more time, and don't allow another second to go by without utilizing this fantastic opportunity? As one of the most important wholesale items in the marijuana market, we believe it's apparent that your legal marijuana business requires tamper-evident seals to keep your customers pleased and your business open.

We want your company to flourish, so please do yourself a favor by purchasing your cannabis labels today at Creative Labz.

+ Conclusion:

More cannabis products are making their way into the retail floor as a greater market for cannabis products appears to be promising. Businesses will want to remain up to date on the requirements and regulations for CBD products until there is a national standard to make their items remain compliant and available to customers.

With custom strain and tamper evident labels, you can be sure to thrive in the ever-growing cannabis industry!