RED | Disposable Vape Cartridge | 1 mL Tank | 280mAh Rechargeable

RED | Disposable Vape Cartridge | 1 mL Tank | 280mAh Rechargeable

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RED | Disposable Vape Cartridge | 1 mL Tank | Pre-Heat Button | 280mAh Rechargeable | Press & Lock Mouthpiece


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This disposable pen  is totally lead-free, heavy metal test passed. It’s one of our newest launched disposable, having a rechargeable function with a bottom charging port, you never worry about wasting oil in the tank. And it’s Portable, compact, and light enough so you can take it anywhere, vape it any time.

What’s more, it uses the PCTG material for the tank, with the center post being lead-free copper, it is environment-friendly. And of course, this lead-free custom disposable vape pen has a ceramic coil. And the intake hole size is 2.0mm, and it has 4, which fits for both low & high viscosity CBD/THC/Delta 8/Delta 9 oil. Additionally, the battery is at A grade and the capacity is full of 280mAh(rechargeable) so it’s powerful enough to run out of all the oil filled inside, no waste.

The medical-grade oil tank housing will produce the purest, original taste of your extracts. And because the ceramic core enlarges the heating area, it achieves plenty of vapor without any burning taste. This creative idea and design also make it possible that it keeps its leaking rate close to zero.  


With a full suite of ISO Certifications and heavy metals testing, we ensure your customers taste your products, and nothing more. Your company and brand are on the line with every inhale, so we take the safety and consistency of our vaporizer products seriously.  

Disposable Vape Care

For the best vaporizer care, please adhere to the following:

  • Do not leave your battery at a temperature that is too hot. This will cause the battery to drain and short.
  • Leave your battery charging for the required time of 30 minutes to one hour. Leaving it charging overnight can cause a battery shortage.
  • Make sure your pods are clear of debris before placing them into the battery.

Why Choose Our Hardware?

Nothing would be more frustrating than to fill a batch of cartridges only to find that the hardware used doesn’t work properly. We are partnered with a company with extensive history in the industry to bring trusted, reliable disposable cartridges to market. The 1mL disposable cartridge we stock are top tier reliable hardware with snap on locking tips. 



LEAD-FREE Custom Disposable Vape Pen
Featured: Rechargeable, unique ceramic coil
Recharging Port: Micro USB
Ceramic Coil – No leaking issue
Material: Food grade ABS + PC + PCTG
Tank Capacity:1.0ml
Battery Capacity: 280 mAh (Rechargeable)
Dimension: 107*20*8mm
Color: Pictured
Resistance: 1.4 ohm
Mouthpiece Type: Press and lock
Housing Material: PCTG
Intake Holes: 2*2.0mm, fit for both low & high viscosity CBD/THC oil
Coil Type: Vertical Pure Ceramic Rod – New technology of heating elements producing full, smooth, and pure taste.


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