Pre-Roll Strain Labeling | Doob Tubes Labels | .5 x 2”

Pre-Roll Strain Labeling | Doob Tubes Labels | .5 x 2”

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Pre-Roll Strain Labeling | Doob Tubes Labels:
Dimensions: .5"x 2” | Custom Labeling | Use these pre-roll strain labels to inform consumers on things such as strain, thc content, weight and more.
Standard Template:
  • Strain Name
  • Package Date
  • Weight
  • THC Content
  • Batch #
  • Pricing 

Using strain labels on cannabis products is important for several reasons.

First and foremost, strain labels help consumers to make informed decisions about the products they are purchasing. Each strain of cannabis has unique characteristics, including its flavor, aroma, and effects on the body. By clearly labeling the strain of cannabis, consumers can choose a product that meets their specific needs and preferences. For example, a person looking for a strain to help them relax after a long day may choose a indica strain, while someone looking for a strain to help them stay alert and focused may choose a sativa strain.

In addition to helping consumers make informed decisions, strain labels also help to ensure product quality and safety. Cannabis strains can vary widely in terms of their cannabinoid and terpene profiles, which can affect their potency and potential side effects. By accurately labeling the strain, manufacturers and retailers can provide consumers with information about the specific characteristics of the product they are purchasing. This can help to prevent adverse reactions and ensure that consumers are getting the desired effects from their cannabis products.

Strain labels are also important for regulatory purposes. In many states and countries where cannabis is legal, there are strict regulations in place to ensure that products are accurately labeled and tested for safety. By using strain labels, manufacturers and retailers can demonstrate compliance with these regulations and provide consumers with confidence in the safety and quality of their products.

Overall, using strain labels on cannabis products is important for ensuring that consumers have the information they need to make informed decisions, ensuring product quality and safety, and complying with regulatory requirements.

They are ideal for use with our Pre-Roll Packaging.


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Isaiah Bivins
Wrong Price

The only thing wrong was the price , it wasn't what I asked it to be , but other than that this company is great I still give 5 stars , the stickers are great quality !