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OREGON | Hemp Warning Label | 1“ x 1“ Sticker

OREGON | Hemp Warning Label | 1“ x 1“ Sticker

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OREGON | Hemp Warning Label | Compliance Labeling:

Dimensions: 1”x 1" | Make sure your packaging is compliant! All hemp packaging must have state compliant warning labeling. 

These labels are a great way to
add that bit of extra authenticity to the product being used in our packaging! They are ideal for use with our Mylar, 3.5g jars and other packaging solutions. When using our white label options for packaging your hemp products, consider using these stickers to quickly and cost effectively apply state complaint warning labeling. 

White labeling is the process of replacing a product or service's brand and trademark with another one. This transaction is often carried out by large, well-known enterprises, but it is also becoming more common in the hemp industry as businesses hunt for ways to enhance the difficult hemp-production process.

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