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ORANGE/WHITE 00 Gel Capsules | Microdose | M
BLUE/WHITE 00 Gel Capsules | Microdose | Magic Mushrooms Shrooms

ORANGE/WHITE 00 Gel Capsules | Microdose | Magic Mushrooms Shrooms

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ORANGE/WHITE 00 Gel Capsules | Microdose | Magic Mushrooms Shrooms:


Pharmacist Approved | Pharmaceutical MEDICAL Grade | Highest Quality | Purest Product | Safety Ensured

• Empty Gelatin Capsules made from 100% bovine gelatin - BSE/TSE Free
• Never Made in China
• Used by many of the largest most prestigious companies in the world
• Preservative Free
• Kosher / Halal
• Allergen Free
• Gluten Free
• Non GMO
• Bagged & heat sealed for your safety
• Available in additional sizes - please see our store
• See capsule size chart/reference guide below
• Capsule count filled by weight

Capsules manufactured in state of the art, globally recognized facilities 
Packaged in a clean, controlled laboratory

Always store your gelatin capsules at temperatures 
between 60 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit to keep fresh & prevent degradation in quality--

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