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109mm 1-Gram Blunt Cones - Hemp Wrap
Hemp Wrap | 109mm Pre-Roll Blunt Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize

Hemp Wrap | 109mm Pre-Roll Blunt Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize

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Dimensions: 109mm | Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones | Blunt cones offer a fuller and richer smoking experience by creating a greater mouthful of smoke.

Our hemp Wrap cone produces a rich and sweet smoke while still allowing your flower to fully express itself. These 109mm blunt cones won't just become your new best-selling pre-roll, but it'll most likely what you prefer to smoke from here forward!


PRE-ROLL WEIGHT: 1 Gram | King Size


LENGTH: 109mm

FILTER: 26mm Crutch 

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