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Handheld Gummy/Candy Depositor | Stainless Steel
Handheld Gummy/Candy Depositor | Stainless Steel
Handheld Gummy/Candy Depositor | Stainless Steel

Handheld Gummy/Candy Depositor | Stainless Steel

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Completing a hand-filling operation? Bold Maker introduce the Handheld Depositor. 

With precision at the heart of hand-filling, manual dosing has never been so manageable. The Bold Maker Handheld Depositor is a revolutionary way to hand-fill, at the lowest cost possible. 

With a 1,960mL reservoir, just one full depositor can pour up to 1,960 1mL cavities, and with a spring-loaded lever, mastering your manual dosing, and minimizing drip and waste has never been easier.  


- Stainless Steel composition, for easy cleaning and the highest standards of hygiene

- Sturdy handle for left and right-handed depositing

- Spring-loaded lever for precise manual dosing/release to your preference

- Removable Silicone stopper for cleaning and maintenance

- Complete with Depositor Stand 


- Diameter: 5 inches
- Height: 8 inches
- Empty Weight: 9.7oz/276g/286mL
- Full Weight: 66.3oz/1,880g/1,960mL


- 1ml cavities - 1,960
- 2ml cavities - 980
- 3ml cavities - 653
- 4ml cavities - 490
- 5ml cavities - 392

Care Instructions:
Cleaning: Please clean immediately after every use as to avoid the mixture hardening onto the depositor. Carefully use hot water to remove any hard residue. 
Removable Parts: The stopper is removable for easy cleaning
Dishwasher Safe:  Stainless Steel Depositor can be washed in your dishwasher 

Please note this is a manual depositor with no pre-determined measuring and is suitable for gummy and soft candy mixes. A manual operation will be performed when in use, and the dosing in any production will be subject to the measurements decided by the end user. 



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