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GOLDEN GRAMZ | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant 8th Packaging
GOLDEN GRAMZ | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant 8th Packaging
GOLDEN GRAMZ | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant 8th Packaging
GOLDEN GRAMZ | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant 8th Packaging

GOLDEN GRAMZ | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant 8th Packaging

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GOLDEN GRAMZ | 3.5g Clear Child Resistant Glass Jar:
Capacity: 3.5g/3oz | Foil Attributes | Child Resistant | These 3.5g glass jars are resealable, smell proof and guaranteed to keep your flower fresh.

Don't forget Strain Labeling!

Preserve Purity, Enhance Potency: Creative Labz Glass Jars

Discover the ultimate solution for storing and preserving your cannabis flower with Creative Labz 3.5 gram glass jars. Elevate your cannabis experience with jars meticulously crafted to safeguard the integrity and freshness of your product.

Unrivaled Preservation

Our glass jars serve as a fortress against contamination, maintaining the purity and potency of your focus. Crafted from non-porous material, these jars ensure that no odors or flavors infiltrate your product, guaranteeing an unadulterated experience every time.

Safety and Sustainability

Embrace a safer and greener choice with our glass jars. Free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates, these jars prioritize your well-being by eliminating potential health risks associated with leaching. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability shines through, as glass is fully recyclable, reducing your environmental footprint and nurturing the planet for future generations.

Convenience Redefined

Experience unparalleled convenience with our 3.5 gram glass jars. Designed for both home use and on-the-go adventures, these compact containers offer portability without compromising on capacity. Wherever life takes you, Creative Labz glass jars ensure your cannabis is always within reach.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

In conclusion, opting for Creative Labz glass jars for your 3.5 gram cannabis flower package is a testament to your commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability. With each jar, you not only preserve the essence of your product but also contribute to a healthier environment. Choose excellence. Choose Creative Labz.

2.5” jar height without cap
2.65” with cap
2.24” jar outer diameter
2.25” cap outer diameter
1.8” max label panel height
7.094” jar circumference

[100% SMELL PROOF] - Keep those skunky odors locked away for discrete storage of your favorite products. This secure 3.5g jar will ensure your product stays fresh for longer.

[PERFECT FOR LONG TERM FOOD STORAGE] - Our 3.5g glass jars are made for long term storage of herbs, spices, food, gummies, leaves and much more. These glass jars will keep your product fresher for longer. These jars are a more elegant alternative to simple zip bags.

[PREMIUM AIR-TIGHT RESEALABLE LID] - Our high-quality 8th jars feature a premium air-tight resealable lid that keeps your contents fresh and secure. This heavy-duty child resistant lid will lock in any odors and freshness.

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