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EUPHORIA | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging
EUPHORIA | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging
EUPHORIA | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging
EUPHORIA | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging

EUPHORIA | 3.5g Clear Glass Jars | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging

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EUPHORIA | 3.5g Clear Child Resistant Glass Jar:
Capacity: 3.5g/3oz | Foil Attributes | Child Resistant | These 3.5g glass jars are resealable, smell proof and guaranteed to keep your magic mushrooms fresh.



Preserve Potency: Elevate Your Psychedelic Experience with Creative Labz Glass Jars

Embark on a journey of unparalleled preservation and potency with Creative Labz glass jars, meticulously crafted to safeguard the essence of your magic mushrooms. Delve into the nuanced advantages of utilizing our premium glass jars for your psychedelic treasures:

Non-Porous Protection:

Step into a realm of unyielding protection as our glass jars stand as bastions against moisture and odors. Through their non-porous nature, our jars create an impermeable shield, safeguarding the purity and potency of your magic mushrooms from the detrimental effects of environmental factors.

Chemical Resistance for Unwavering Purity:

Bid farewell to contamination concerns as our glass jars boast remarkable chemical resistance. Unlike other packaging materials, glass maintains an inert stance, ensuring that your magic mushrooms remain untouched by external elements, preserving their innate purity and potency with unwavering fidelity.

Airtight Preservation:

Seal in the essence of your psychedelic journey with our airtight glass jars. Dried mushrooms are inherently susceptible to potency loss through dehydration, yet our jars provide a sanctuary of moisture, retaining the optimal humidity levels to prolong the potency and freshness of your mushrooms for extended periods.

Ease of Maintenance:

Embrace convenience and peace of mind with our effortlessly maintainable glass jars. Designed for ease of cleaning and sterilization, our jars eliminate the risk of bacterial contamination, ensuring that your magic mushrooms are housed in a pristine environment conducive to longevity.

Exemplifying Excellence:

In conclusion, Creative Labz glass jars epitomize excellence in cannabis packaging, offering a holistic solution for extending the shelf life and potency of magic mushrooms. With each jar meticulously crafted to uphold the highest standards of preservation, elevate your psychedelic experience and choose Creative Labz for unparalleled quality and reliability.

2.5” jar height without cap
2.65” with cap
2.24” jar outer diameter
2.25” cap outer diameter
1.8” max label panel height
7.094” jar circumference

[100% SMELL PROOF] - Keep those skunky odors locked away for discrete storage of your favorite products. This secure 3.5g jar will ensure your dried shrooms stay fresh longer.

[PERFECT FOR LONG TERM FOOD STORAGE] - Our 3.5g glass jars are made for long term storage of shrooms/magic mushrooms and much more. These glass jars will keep your dried shrooms fresher for longer. The jars we stock are a more elegant alternative to simple zip bags.

[PREMIUM AIR-TIGHT RESEALABLE LID] - Our high-quality 8th jars feature a premium air-tight resealable lid that keeps your magic mushrooms fresh and secure. This heavy-duty child resistant lid will lock in any odors and freshness.


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