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$100 BILL | 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize

$100 BILL | 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize

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Dimensions: 109mm | $100 Bill Pre-Roll Cones | Our pre-roll cones are made with refined flax paper, which is referred to as rice paper or simply white paper by other companies. 

Often referred to in the industry as rice paper these refined white pre-roll cones are loved universally for the clean and tasteless smoking experience. The difference between the white and brown flax paper is the level of refinement the paper goes through. Some people refer to white paper as bleached, but there is no bleached used in our pre-rolled cones. When compared to other pre-roll papers, refined white cones are considered the most clean and tasteless.


PAPER TYPE: Refined White



LENGTH: 109mm

FILTER: 26mm Crutch

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