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GOLDEN GATE BUDZ | 510 Cartridge Box Packaging | .5-1mL
GOLDEN GATE BUDZ | 510 Cartridge Box Packaging | .5-1mL
GOLDEN GATE BUDZ | 510 Cartridge Box Packaging | .5-1mL
GOLDEN GATE BUDZ | 510 Cartridge Box Packaging | .5-1mL

GOLDEN GATE BUDZ | 510 Cartridge Box Packaging | .5-1mL

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GOLDEN GATE BUDZ | Cartridge Packaging Boxes:
Fits .5mL and 1mL Cartridges | Gold Foil Attributes | These cartridge boxes are certain to grab customer attention and give added value to your product. 


Elevate Your Presentation: Introducing Creative Labz Cartridge Packaging

Eye-Catching Display: Grab Attention with Every Box

Make a statement with our exclusive cartridge packaging featuring a plastic tube window display. This innovative design allows consumers to admire the product without opening the box, enhancing its allure and desirability.

Versatile Fit: Accommodates Most Cartridges

Each box comes with a 2.75” long display tube, perfectly sized to fit most 1mL cartridges. This ensures compatibility and convenience for both retailers and customers, guaranteeing a seamless fit for your products.

Effortless Storage and Showcase: Peg Display Punch Out

Our cartridge boxes feature a peg display punch out, facilitating easy wall storage and showcasing. This practical design element streamlines your display setup, maximizing visibility and accessibility for your customers.

Enhance Your Brand: Professional Packaging Solutions

As a cannabis retailer or manufacturer, packaging plays a crucial role in brand perception. Our cardboard boxes offer a blend of protection and professionalism, serving as a canvas for custom branding and marketing. Elevate your brand presence and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Protective Shield: Ensure Safe Transit and Handling

Rest easy knowing your vape cartridges are shielded in sturdy cardboard boxes during shipping and handling. Our packaging provides reliable protection, particularly for delicate glass cartridges, safeguarding your products from damage and preserving their integrity.

Elevate Your Presentation: Invest in Quality Packaging

In conclusion, Creative Labz cartridge packaging offers a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. From eye-catching display features to practical storage solutions, our boxes enhance the appeal of your products while providing essential protection and branding opportunities. Upgrade your packaging game and elevate your brand with Creative Labz.

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Customer Reviews

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Great product.

As described, shipped and delivered on time.

Jeremy Kreitzer
Good stuff

High quality for sure

Top quality packaging

Top quality took less than six days to arrive recommended real review
-Rip juice world-