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Unrefined Brown | 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize
Unrefined Brown | 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize

Unrefined Brown | 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize

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Dimensions: 109mm | Unrefined Brown Cones | If your company has an all-natural feel or strong environmental message, our pre-roll cones are perfect for your pre roll brand.

Discover the essence of natural simplicity with our 109mm Unrefined Brown Pre-Roll Cones, available at Creative Labz – your go-to source for innovative cannabis packaging solutions. Tailored for brands with an all-natural ethos or a strong environmental message, these pre-rolled cones embody the organic feel you desire for your pre-roll brand. Crafted from natural and FSC certified French rolling paper, our unrefined brown cones are the epitome of authenticity, offering a connection to nature that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

Akin to their refined white counterparts, our unrefined brown pre-roll cones are designed to elevate your pre-roll packaging game. The use of unrefined brown paper imparts a beautiful, earthy brown hue to these cones, creating an aesthetic that complements the raw and unprocessed essence of your cannabis products. Embrace the charm of nature with packaging that speaks volumes about your commitment to purity and environmental consciousness.

Key Features:

  • Paper Type: Unrefined Brown
  • Pre-Roll Weight: 1 Gram
  • Pre-Roll Shape: Cone
  • Length: 109mm
  • Filter: 26mm Crutch

Elevate your brand's identity and align with the environment by choosing Creative Labz's Unrefined Brown Pre-Roll Cones. Make a statement that resonates with nature-loving consumers while ensuring the perfect packaging for your premium pre-rolls. Your journey to sustainable, stylish, and top-quality cannabis packaging starts here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Chovanec

Unrefined Brown | 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize


Quite satisfied. B+ quality. A- value

Mike Riness

They comes are good quality and a good price. Super easy to order and packaged well, nothing is damaged upon delivery

Harold Carter

I would do it again

Melisa Parten

Unrefined Brown | 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize