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SHROOMS | 3.5g Mylar Bags | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging
SHROOMS | 3.5g Mylar Bags | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging
SHROOMS | 3.5g Mylar Bags | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging

SHROOMS | 3.5g Mylar Bags | Child Resistant | Magic Mushroom 8th Packaging

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SHROOMS | 3.5g Mylar Bags:

Dimensions: 3.25"x5” | Tamper Evident | These 3.5g Mylar bags are resealable, smell proof and guaranteed to keep your magic mushrooms fresh.


Versatile and Cost-Effective Packaging Solution

Discover a flexible packaging solution ideal for a variety of psilocybin products, designed to meet your needs while remaining budget-friendly.

Enhanced Protection and Accessibility

Introducing our 3.5g Mylar bags, engineered to provide an additional layer of protection for your magic mushrooms. Featuring a tamper-evident heat-sealed top with a tear notch for easy opening, these bags ensure the integrity of your products while offering convenient access. With a heavy-duty zipper, our bags allow for seamless resealing after opening, providing a reusable storage solution that enhances both convenience and longevity.

Tailored for Extended Storage

Crafted for long-term preservation, our 3.5g bags are perfect for storing dried shrooms and more. Built with durability in mind, these Mylar bags are capable of safeguarding your magic mushrooms, ensuring they remain fresh for extended periods. Trust in our heavy-duty construction to maintain the quality of your products over time, offering peace of mind with every use.

Elevate Your Packaging Experience

Transform your packaging strategy with Creative Labz 3.5g Mylar bags, where versatility meets affordability and durability. Elevate the presentation of your magic mushrooms while ensuring optimal protection and freshness with our meticulously crafted packaging solutions.

[100% SMELL PROOF] - Keep those skunky odors locked away for discrete storage of your favorite magic mushroom products. This secure Mylar bag will ensure your shrooms stay fresh longer.

[PERFECT FOR LONG TERM FOOD STORAGE] - Our 3.5g Mylar bags are made for long term storage of dried shrooms and much more. These heavy duty Mylar bags will keep your product fresher for longer. These bags are a much better alternative to simple zip bags.

[PREMIUM AIR-TIGHT RESEALABLE ZIPPER] - Our high-quality 8th bags feature a premium air-tight resealable zipper that keeps your magic mushrooms fresh and secure. This heavy-duty resealable zipper will lock in any odors and freshness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
2A citizen.

Great items

Anne Pratt
Great storage bags

I love these storage bags! They are the perfect size and the design is really cool. I love giving them to friends as gifts!

Nathan Surrell
Different packaging

I would like some 3.5 g microdose bag. It also would be nice to get big 1lb bag 1/2 1/4bags with same print.

Robert Herrera
Good quality bags

I ordered a 25 pack of shroom mylar bags...they are great quality and heat sealable to prevent tampering and also gives it a professional look. Second time ordering, fast shipping, I will definitely order again