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Why Your Head or Smoke Shop Should Be Selling 3.5g Mylar Bags

3.5g Mylar Bags | Why Your Head Shop or Smoke Shop Should Be Selling Mylar Bags
There's no mistake about it: Mylar bags are the finest marijuana bags for cannabis flower. In turn cannabis dispensaries and consumers are all becoming more familiar with the packaging when acquiring their cannabis. With these Mylar bags becoming more and more of an everyday, household used item, it would be a mistake not to be carrying Mylar bags in your smoke shop or head shop. 

When deciding if you should be carrying 3.5g Mylar bags in your smoke shop or head shop it is important to think about what the customer would gain from using them. Mylar is a reasonably widespread material across various sectors. However, we know it as a major participant in the cannabis packaging market. You've bought and handled Mylar if you've ever bought a bag of coffee beans, a silvery balloon with writing, or an emergency warming blanket. It's a thick, plastic-y, typically gleaming substance prized for its extreme resiliency and impact resistance. However, the major reason it's utilized to produce coffee pouches is that Mylar can be fashioned into incredibly odor-proof bags.

Despite the fact that coffee, like marijuana, has imposingly powerful scents that are not for everyone, it is available in practically every grocery shop we visit. We don't get slapped in the face with the fragrance of coffee when we go into the shop, and we don't smell it until we open the package at home. That's because mylar bags are thick and airtight, and they work just as well as cannabis bags as they do coffee pouches.

In the same way that odor-proof mylar bags are prized in the food sector, they've become prized in the cannabis world. One of the safest methods for customers to keep their marijuana is in resealable bags made of Mylar. Tough, airtight, attractive, odor-resistant, resealable Mylar bags provide you peace of mind that your newly cured marijuana or edibles will stay in tip-top form until your consumers are ready to open them. Due to the high use of Mylar bags in the cannabis industry you can see how 3.5g Mylar bags would be a smart money-making addition to your smoke or head shop, creating a stream of repeat customer revenue.

Why you should be selling 3.5g Mylar bags in your smoke shop

3.5g Mylar bags are the most popular size of bags sold for the purpose of packaging cannabis. Almost all cannabis users are familiar with these marijuana packaging bags, making them identifiable on a smoke or head shop store shelf. The 3.5g Mylar bags sold at Creative Labz have unique eye-catching features that are sure to stand out above the rest of the pre-printed cannabis packaging. On the market today, almost all of the other 3.5g bags one may find would be an echo chamber of what China has ripped off of another company. Remember, when it comes to cannabis packaging, better packaging equals better profit. We at Creative Labz pride ourselves on having all inhouse, original designs none of which can be found with other wholesalers. 

3.5g Mylar Bags as Cannabis Packaging – 4 Key Benefits

Again, when deciding on if you should carry 3.5g Mylar bags in your head shop or smoke shop, think about how relevant these bags are to cannabis consumers and how frequently they are used by your customers. Making use of 3.5g Mylar bags as packaging for cannabis comes with several benefits, which we will highlight shortly, and these benefits are making a lot of cannabis users go for it. So, how would your head shop's customers gain if you are selling 3.5g Mylar bags? Here are the benefits:

1.    They keep flowers fresh

Because of its chemical composition, Mylar extends the shelf life of cannabis products and other consumables. Survivalists use it to preserve food for long periods of time because it's so effective as a freshness preserver. It keeps water and air out, so even dry products like spaghetti — or cannabis — may last until they're needed.

While you might not be preparing your dispensary to weather a zombie apocalypse, extending the shelf life of your products will certainly assist. You'll spend less money on dispensary supplies if they last longer! Your customers benefit, too, because their items stay longer.

2.    Mylar is flexible

In terms of chemistry, Mylar is a form of flexible plastic sheeting. It's used to make birthday balloons (the silvery kind, not the rubbery kind), yogurt caps, coffee pouches, and roasting bags, as well as various packaging and commercial things.

In the marijuana packaging industry, Mylar is the most prevalent material used to make flower bags. High-quality Mylar bags are available in a range of shapes and sizes. With various bags at your disposal, you'll be able to tailor orders to almost any shopper's requirements.

3.    Mylar is strong enough to be stored and transported.

In order to run a successful dispensary, multi-functional bags are required. They must store your items prior to the sale and keep them fresh until the buyer has taken them home. Mylar's talents have already been demonstrated to you.

Strong enough to handle bulk and personal travel, 3.5 g Mylar bags are suitable for long-term storage in even the busiest stockroom. It is puncture-resistant, unlike plastic, so you can count on it to be in the same form at the end of a journey as when you started.

4.    You can see and feel the quality of Mylar

If you've ever purchased coffee in a pouch, you know how tough Mylar is. You can toss one of those bags into your grocery cart without worrying about it breaking - a major leap of faith considering the potential for coffee grinds to cause havoc.

Mylar bags have the same effect on the customers of your smoke shop. They know they're getting a high-quality item when you give them a Mylar bag. It blocks out air and light, and it's robust enough that you won't have to handle it with child gloves.


Mylar instills trust in customers, plain and easy. Creative Labz carries high-quality 3.5g Mylar bags that may help any cannabis business maximize its profits. Call us now to know how we can provide you with wholesale 3.5g Mylar bag pricing that is professional, long-lasting, and original in design.

Not just any odor-proof bag will suffice if you want to keep your clients satisfied. You'll want to use well-made, odor-proof bags intended for quality-conscious sellers.

The 3.5g Mylar bags found at Creative Labz will allow you to provide added value to your consumers regardless of where you are located. We also sell 28g bags and 448g bags as well. No matter the size you need, we are always ready to deliver to you. We offer wholesale pricing, so it will be convenient for head or smoke shops to buy as much as possible. Contact us directly at Creative Labz to get a quote, as well as pricing for our 3.5g Mylar bags, including the 28g bags and 448g bags.

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