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The Advantages of Using Mylar Bags and How to Use Them

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Mylar bags are the most widely used packaging solution in the cannabis industry, and for good reason. It's safe to say, most weed smokers typically buy more than they plan to smoke that day. With marijuana's strong odor and vulnerability to the elements, not just any container will do. When considering how to package cannabis it is important to understand what degrades cannabis, and how to prevent those factors from affecting your bud.

The most common forms of cannabis storage are Mylar bags, and glass jars. Both of which are suitable options. Though, when analyzed further, Mylar bags will come out on top as the best choice for long term storage of marijuana. Mylar bags outdo jars on pricing, their ability to be customized, and locking in freshness.  

Let's look at what Mylar bags are and why they're useful for cannabis storage.

Mylar Bags

 Mylar is a particular type of material developed by DuPont Chemical Company in the 1950s. Mylar has been employed in a multitude of applications since its discovery. Helium balloons are one of the most prevalent uses.

Mylar is ideal for long-term food preservation since it keeps oxygen, heat, and moisture out. As a result, Mylar bags are commonly used to store cannabis. Mylar bags function similarly to vacuum-sealed bags in that they protect the stored product from harm. These bags are extremely light and do not readily tear. They are also easily brand and customizable making them ideal for a retail setting.

Not only do mylar bags keep the air out, but they also lock it in, making the Mylar bag a smell proof option, superior to other plastic storage bags. These bags are ideal for preserving cannabis given that they do not allow air to escape. When combining a Mylar bag with a humidity pack, the perfect storage solution for cannabis is created. Even after a year of storage in Mylar bags, the cannabis will taste and smell as fresh as the first day.

Benefits Of Mylar Bags

Mylar bags have several storage advantages that set them apart from other storage containers. Mylar bags are the finest choice for preserving cannabis since they keep the product quality even after years. Here's why it's advantageous:

Maintain quality and maximize the shelf life

Mylar keeps the cannabis product fresh for a long time by keeping oxygen and moisture out. As a result, keeping food in a mylar bag is advantageous since it preserves the food's quality and extends its shelf life.


Because light may change a bud's color, taste, odor, and strength, it must be stored in an opaque bag where light cannot penetrate. Because mylar bags are fully opaque, they are the ideal answer. The foil's core is aluminum, so the bags keep the light out while preserving the buds' natural flavor, color, and odor.

Keeps bud fresh

Water and air are the primary factors that cause food to decay over time. However, because mylar bags keep water and air out, food goods stay fresh for a long period. It is essential to keep cannabis sealed up since it will keep the bud fresh.

Free of toxins

Many plastic bags contain harmful substances that leach into the food they contain. Because plastic storage bags are created with synthetic chemicals, the chemicals may leach into the food. There are no such dangerous compounds in mylar bags. As a result, storing cannabis or edibles in mylar bags is safe since it keeps them free of contaminants.


It's a piece of cake to seal a Mylar bag. An impact heat sealer or a clamshell heat sealer is usually used to seal them. If you don't have any sealer, though, there is no problem. Using an iron or a hair straightener to heat the bag works just as well. Remember that mylar bags must be heat sealed in order to function properly.


Mylar bags are extremely durable and will not be harmed even if they are washed, and the original seal is removed. An already used mylar bag may be washed and reused to preserve any other food product while preserving its original scent and flavor.


Mylar bags, unlike other storage bags, are tear resistant. They are sturdy enough to transport a food product for an extended period of time. Neither the bag nor the goods sustain any harm throughout the storage term.

Various sizes

Mylar bags come in many different sizes, allowing you to store any goods of any size. This characteristic is very useful for cannabis storage since it allows us to conveniently store different types of cannabis. The mylar bag seals out the air, preserving the natural potency.

Odor resistant (Smell Proof)

The stench of any food product does not escape through the mylar bag. The scent is not absorbed by the bag. The bag, on the other hand, retains the stench for months. The aroma of cannabis contributes significantly to its flavor. As a result, mylar bags are often used for cannabis preservation since they preserve the odor of the drug.

Storing Cannabis Long Term in Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are commonly used by those who use cannabis for enjoyment and relaxation. Apart from that, the operators of major dispensaries use these bags to keep cannabis buds fresh for their consumers.

For a variety of reasons, mylar bags are perfect for cannabis preservation. The items are protected from light, oxygen, and moisture while stored in these bags. Terpene flavor is best preserved in a cold, dark environment, which is why cannabis may be stored in a mylar bag indefinitely.

Cannabis buds include compounds that degrade when exposed to light, moisture, or air. When exposed to light, several terpenes are altered. They are responsible for giving cannabis strain its distinct scent, which is lost when exposed to light.

How To Use Mylar Bags

Apart from cannabis, many other foods such as wheat, pasta, sugar, and other similar commodities may be kept for a long time in a mylar bag. The processes for storing any object are the same. You will require:

Clamshell heat sealer or impulse sealer
• Humidity Packs

This is a step-by-step instruction for properly utilizing mylar bags.

Fill the bags

If you're keeping marijuana at home, a simple mylar bag will suffice. If you have a lot of items to store, though, you may acquire a larger bag. Fill in the product after selecting the appropriate bag size. Make sure there's enough room to close the bag. When using a vacuum sealer to seal the bag, you must allow significantly more room than when using an iron.

Add a humidity pack

Though mylar bags are effective at keeping oxygen out, adding a humidity pack to your Mylar bag when storing cannabis will ensure that your buds do not dry out over time. When it comes to storing cannabis, it's all about preserving the terpene flavor and potency. Humidity packs are a great way to regulate moisture levels inside of an airtight Mylar bag.

Seal the mylar bags

If you have a clamshell heat sealer or an impulse sealer, that is ideal. For mylar bags, using one of these is the best option. If you don't have one of them, you may perform the job using common home items.


Sealing mylar packs with a flat iron is a good idea. Simply set the bag on a plain board with care. You may also accomplish this using an iron board. Apply the iron to the seam. Carry on in this manner until the bag is entirely shut.

Hair Straightener: 

This procedure is significantly less difficult than using an iron. By holding the bag vertically, you may easily seal it. During the heating process, you must avoid the production of air bubbles. Tack the bag from the center first with the hair straightener. Then tack it at around a quarter. In this manner, no air bubbles will occur. Later, carefully slide the hair straightener across the top of the bag until it is completely shut.

Vacuum Sealer:

Many individuals own vacuum sealers that work well with mylar bags. The work will be easier for you if you have one. Otherwise, the finest sealing tool for mylar bags is an iron or a hair straightener.

Store the mylar bags

 Place the mylar bags in a plastic container rather than in a cardboard box. For cannabis storage, the location will be dark, dry, and cool.

Cannabis Storage Tips

To keep your cannabis bud safe and fresh for as long as possible, you'll need to take some extra precautions. Follow these cannabis storage recommendations to keep the quality of your cannabis for a long time:

Keep away from children

Ensure that the storage area is out of reach of youngsters. You may buy child-resistant mylar bags with a security seal that children cannot access for added protection. Even if you have curious kids at home, having a safe cannabis bag keeps you stress-free.

Place in a cool environment

Terpenes and THC, which are heat sensitive, are the reason humans smoke cannabis. The more regulated the temperature can be when storing cannabis, the better, as terpene flavor and potency can degrade just by being stored in a hot room over time. 

Block the light

THC is the main component in marijuana that causes euphoria. THC in the bud can be degraded by light, particularly UV light, diminishing the high. Aside from that, certain terpenes are light-sensitive and degrade when exposed to them.

Even though mylar bags are opaque, we must be cautious about extending the life of buds. To totally obscure the light, keep the bud-containing mylar bag in the dark.

Keep at a dry place

Keeping any cannabis product dry is the greatest approach to maintain it for a long period. There should be no dampness and only regulated humidity. Mold and microbiological contamination can occur when moisture levels are elevated. Even though mylar bags are airtight, they should be stored in a dry environment.

Label the Mylar bag

Don't forget to label the mylar bag with the date and strain name once you've sealed it. This offers you precise information about when you saved it. A label makes it easier for everyone at home to recognize it. The label will help you recall the packing date even if you forget it.


So far, the greatest cannabis storage solution has been mylar bags. Mylar bags, unlike other plastic bags that contain synthetic chemicals, are devoid of these harmful substances. Furthermore, plastic bags will not be able to create the airtight, smell proof seal that Mylar bags are able to offer.

Glass jars are attractive to certain individuals, but the child resistant options will eventually fill up with air, giving the cannabis enclosed a shorter shelf life when compared to Mylar. In turn, we're left with mylar bags, which meet all of the criteria for storing cannabis long term without losing quality or potency. This is main reason why dispensaries keep cannabis in bulk Mylar bags.

If you are planning to buy or cultivate cannabis in bulk, we will suggest that you purchase Mylar bags to keep the product fresh for as long as possible. At Creative Labz, we have a variety of different sized Mylar bags, including 3.5g bags, 28g bags, and 448g bags. Contact us at

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