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Smell Proof 3.5g Mylar Bags | Everything You Need To Know

EAST ATLANTA SANTA | 3.5g Mylar Bags
The 3.5g smell-proof Mylar bags are double-layered metalized plastic bags. Aluminum is the metal in the mix, and it's hidden between the double-layered plastic shell. The best way to package marijuana is in 3.5g Mylar bags. We have eighth (3.5g), ounce (28g), and one pound (448g) Mylar packs in stock at Creative Labz. You may experience the best preservation and protection for cannabis goods thanks to the design of these bags. This versatile packaging solution is an excellent low-cost packaging option for a variety of items. With a tamper-evident heat-sealed top and a tear notch for simple access, these eighth-sized Mylar bags give an added layer of security.

Aside from the fact that 3.5g Mylar bags are odor-proof, they can also be made child-resistant. Due to state limits on how cannabis is sold in most jurisdictions, it's critical to make sure your packaging is compliant. Our eighth bags, in addition to the sizes we carry, contain childproof or tamper-evident characteristics; some even have both. A 3.5g mylar bag's thickness makes it odor-proof, heat sealable, and zipper resealable.

The eighth bags can be resealed after opening, thanks to the heavy-duty zipper for a reusable storage solution. Our odor-proof bags are ideal for storing herbs, spices, food, candy, leaves, and other items for a long time. These heavy-duty 3.5g mylar bags can keep your product fresher for longer periods of time. Let's get started with this guide, which contains all you need to know about 3.5g Mylar bags.

 How Do 3.5g Mylar Barrier Bags Preserve Cannabis?

3.5g Mylar bags, unlike glass jars and conventional packaging, are carefully intended to keep moisture and sunlight out. When it comes to cannabis flower storage, it's all about locking in terpene flavor and maintaining a consistent level of quality. Weight and flavor will be lost if correct humidity levels are not maintained in cured flowers. Too much direct sunshine can potentially harm cannabis flowers. When marijuana is overexposed to UV radiation, the flower might be damaged. Eighth-sized Mylar bags are a wonderful way to shield cannabis from UV exposure when compared to a clear glass jar. Finally, 3.5g Mylar bags keep cannabis fresh by keeping moisture out and protecting it from UV radiation. Simply simple, these bags will help your bloom last longer.

What Is the Process of Making 3.5g Mylar Bags?

  • Extraction of molten polyethylene terephthalate from a cold surface in the form of a thin film.
  • The removed film is then drawn in a biaxial shape, which necessitates the employment of specialized equipment.
  • The removed film is heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To produce the optimum effects, inorganic particles are inserted into the film's surface.

Are 3.5g Mylar Child-Resistant Bags Resealable?

Not all child-resistant 3.5g Mylar bags are resealable. Although all of Creative Labz's Mylar eighth bags are resealable and tamper-evident, only a few of them are child-resistant. When you look at our products, you'll notice that all of the kid resistant 3.5g Mylar bags on our site are labeled as such. Furthermore, do not confuse a child-resistant bag with a childproof object. Because mylar bags can be cut open, if a child obtains scissors, the bag will not be able to keep the youngster away from the contents. However, the bags we sell are an illustration of how not all resealable Mylar bags are child-resistant.

When Should 3.5g Mylar Bags Be Used?

3.5g Mylar bags are an excellent, cost-effective type of flexible packaging for sweets, pre-roll cones, concentrate applicator syringes, and cannabis flower. With the exception of some extract packaging methods, we at Creative Labz advocate using Mylar Bags for practically all of your marijuana packaging needs. Although Mylar bags are not commonly used for concentrate packaging, they can be a fantastic method to add a tamper-evident feature to concentration jars.

Are 3.5g Mylar Bags Odorless?

3.5g Mylar bags offer an airtight seal when correctly sealed, making them odor resistant. To correctly seal an eighth-sized Mylar bag, begin by pushing out any excess air. Once the excess air has been expelled, firmly close the bag's heavy-duty resealable zipper. Finally, heat seal the bag part above the tamper-evident tare notches. The 3.5g Mylar bag is an odor-proof packing solution thanks to the resealable zipper and the heat-sealed upper half of the bag.

Is it true that 3.5g Mylar Bags are drug dog proof?

3.5g Mylar bags are a type of barrier bag packaging that is airtight and odor resistant. However, when working with cannabis, it's important to avoid contaminating the outside of the bag by contacting the buds and then the outside of the bag. Cleaning the outside of the bag with rubbing alcohol and wipes is advised after filling. When correctly sealed, the 3.5g Mylar bag is dog-proof; simply wipe the exterior after use.

Is it possible to X-ray 3.5g Mylar Bags?

The impermeable aspect of the Mylar bag was one of the attributes that originally brought it to market. Most Mylar bags on the market now cannot be x-rayed, just as they were supposed to be. All of the Creative Labz-printed Mylar eighth bags are x-ray proof. If you feel that this feature is a must-have for you and you decide to go somewhere else, make sure to check with the seller first.

What Is the Best Way to Use 3.5g Mylar Bags?

The top portion of our 3.5g Mylar bags is open above the zipper, and the bottom of the bag is sealed. Filling the barrier bag should be simple; once full, place a correct size humidity pack inside and press down on the bag to remove extra air. Close the resealable zipper completely. Heat up your impulse sealer once it's closed (you can use a common hair straightener). The area of the bag above the tare notches should be heat sealed. Tare notches are little cutout pieces of the mylar bag positioned on either side of the upper portion of the bag, above the zipper. The 3.5g Mylar bag has been correctly used for cannabis storage when it has been heat-sealed closed with a humidity pack inside.

What's the best way to seal the Mylar Foil Bags?

The Mylar bags that we sell at Creative Labz may be heat sealed and closed in a simple, user-friendly manner. A heavy-duty resealable zipper that forms an odor-proof barrier may be found on any of our bags. Our bags contain a tamper-proofing heat-sealable part with tare notches just above the zipper. These tamper-evident Mylar bags can be heat-sealed shut with a hair straightener, guaranteeing that the freshness of the goods within is preserved.

Is it possible to extend shelf life with 3.5g weed bags?

The most common approach to extend the shelf life of cannabis goods is to use 3.5g Mylar bags, sometimes known as weed bags. Moisture, light, and air are the three most important variables that affect marijuana during storage. The product inside will get moldy and dangerous to consume if the package in which the bud is stored has too much moisture in it. The airtight seal created by 3.5g Mylar bags has been proved to keep moisture out. The combination of an airtight seal and a humidity pack will keep the product inside fresh.

Cannabis flower can become overly dried out and lose its terpene taste and potency if it is exposed to too much open air. Furthermore, because the eighth bag is airtight, no noxious scents may escape, rendering the 3.5g Mylar bag odor-proof. Marijuana buds can also be degraded by UV exposure while in storage. Fortunately, the cannabis within 3.5g Mylar packets is UV resistant, safeguarding it. Many eighth-sized Mylar bags used in the marijuana market feature display windows on the bag to allow customers to see the product inside; these bags should be stored away from direct sunlight (ensure to check state compliance and that your state allows for window displays on cannabis packaging).

Is it possible to reuse 3.5g Mylar bags?

All of the 3.5g Mylar bags we have in stock at Creative Labz may be used again and again. Our bags are built to withstand a lot of abuse. Our bag is made to last, even down to the zipper, which is one of the most significant aspects of the package. The resealable zipper that is on the bag allows the package to maintain a smell-proof lock, allowing the eighth bag to be reused over and over again once the tamper-evident section of the bag is taken away by the consumer.

Is it necessary to include humidity packs with your 3.5g Mylar bags?

Cannabis should be kept at a humidity level of 55 to 67 percent. Humidity packs can assist reduce product weight loss and managing moisture levels during storage. They go well with our 3.5g Mylar bags, particularly when the bags are used to hold pre-roll cones and flower. When the humidity in marijuana packaging isn't controlled properly, the product loses weight and loses its terpene profile. It is not required to maintain the humidity within the bag if you are keeping edibles. Heat-sealing the top of the Mylar bag and latching the zipper tightly will keep edibles fresh without the need for a humidity absorber. We strongly recommend using appropriately sized humidity packs while storing cannabis to avoid drying out, losing weight, or losing flavor.

Is It Possible To Use Mylar Bags In A Vacuum Sealer?

Though there are Mylar bags that may be used with a Foodsaver vacuum sealer, we believe that these goods are more than enough for our bags. When our Mylar bags are used in conjunction with the appropriate humidity packs, the air within is preserved at the ideal moisture level for long-term bud preservation. The humidity pack will keep the air within in good condition. The smell-proof airtight seal will be provided by the heat-sealable tamper-evident section of the bag paired with the zipper. This seal creates a barrier that keeps uncontrolled moisture at bay. As a result, the bag does not need to be vacuum sealed.

Is It Possible To Use Mylar Bags In A Vacuum Sealer?

Though there are Mylar bags that may be used with a Foodsaver vacuum sealer, we believe that these goods are more than enough for our bags. When our Mylar bags are used in conjunction with the appropriate humidity packs, the air within is preserved at the ideal moisture level for long-term bud preservation. The humidity pack will keep the air within in good condition. The smell-proof airtight seal will be provided by the heat-sealable tamper-evident section of the bag paired with the zipper. This seal creates a barrier that keeps uncontrolled moisture at bay. As a result, the bag does not need to be vacuum sealed.

Is it necessary to vacuum seal mylar bags?

Creative Labz sells a range of Mylar bags that don't require vacuum sealing. Other websites may sell Mylar bags with open bottoms that must be sealed with a vacuum sealer. With the heavy-duty zipper on our bags, we can seal in smells. The resealable zipper, paired with the heat-resistant, tamper-evident bag covers, provides the odor-proof, protective benefits of a vacuum sealer without the cumbersome equipment. Simply put, Mylar Bags do not need to be vacuum-sealed in a food saver.

Is it possible to recycle 3.5g Mylar bags, and are they toxic?

Because 3.5g Mylar bags aren't totally made of metal or plastic, they can't be recycled anywhere. If you're going to recycle your Mylar eighth bags, make sure the facility takes polyester resin materials.

Mylar bags have evolved into the most trustworthy non-toxic packaging on the market, ideal for storing edibles, candies, pre-rolls, cannabis flowers, and concentrate applicators.

Where Can I Get Labeled 3.5g Mylar Bags?

We have a range of labels that match our 3.5g Mylar bags at Creative Labz. We provide a bespoke strain label service that may be completed in one business day. We also have anti-counterfeit QR code labeling, magnetic security strips, and holographic certification stickers available in addition to our strain labeling.

Where Can I Get 3.5g Mylar Bags And Oxygen Absorbers Cheapest?

Use humidity packs instead of oxygen absorbers. One source of 'spoiled' marijuana is anaerobic bacteria, and sucking up all of the oxygen in the jar just aids them. Humidity packs are used in conjunction with 3.5g Mylar bags to help keep cannabis fresh. 3.5g Mylar bags are available in-store at Creative Labz! Creative Labz offers a large stock of 3.5g Mylar bags of various humidity pack sizes, all of which can be packaged and mailed on the same day.

We believe we offer the greatest 3.5g Mylar bags here at Creative Labz. We believe this since we are one of the few firms that sell items created in-house. Almost every one of our competitors is an echo chamber, offering the same low-quality imitation designs. All of our goods have decorations such as spot UV and foil qualities that our rivals do not. Creative Labz is recognized for developing some of the highest quality packagings on the market, transforming our clients' vision into their brand, in addition to the pre-printed items we offer.


When it comes to lengthening the shelf life of your eighth-sized cannabis products, 3.5g Mylar bags are the way to go. These tough bags have a resealable zipper, tamper-proof tare notches, and child-resistant features. The resealable zipper and heat-sealable top provide an airtight seal that keeps smells at bay. The contents within are protected from drying out and becoming wet by this seal. Our 3.5g Mylar bags are also UV resistant, which is another element in marijuana breakdown. All of these essentials combine to make the usage of a Mylar eighth bag the best cannabis packing option.

Contact Creative Labz to purchase your high-quality 3.5g Mylar bags!

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