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Pre-Roll Cones | Types and Differences

Unrefined Brown Cross Joint | 109mm| 3 Gram
What Are Pre-Roll Cones?

Pre-rolls are cones that have already been rolled to ease the work for you. They appear in a perfect and uniform cone shape. The only thing left is for you to fill these empty cones up with your preferred herbs (dry) and you're all set. These cones are simple to use and quick. It's very possible to make plenty of joints in a little while.

Types of pre-roll cones

The levels of air in a pre-roll cone are different, and this influences the rate at which it burns. Certain brands add elements or ingredients to sustain the paper, stabilize the ashes and the smoke, and also make it slow burning.

The best Pre-rolled blunts are meant to have an excellent burning speed and enhance Herb's taste.

Refined White Paper

These ultra-thin high-quality papers are mostly used by professional brands due to the fact that they burn evenly, are smooth, and Herb's display a pretty view. A common delusion is that bleach is used in making the white paper white in color. Modern bleaching methods do not make use of any bleach. Sometimes, there is a relation between the chemical taste and the calcium carbonate in the Pre-rolled papers.

Unrefined Brown Paper

This brown paper possesses a dark semi-translucent look. It is a common preference due to the fact that it disguises the look of the joints and has a natural feel.

Reputable brands do not make use of any chemical materials or treatment in order to enhance the rate of burning. This is the added advantage because it does not change the taste as well as the flavor of the smoke and decreases possible harm to the smoker.

Refined white papers experience bleaching. This means they have certain material that gives them their white color. However, brown papers are healthier since they aren't bleached.

100% Certified Organic Hemp Paper

These hemp papers are derived from hemp fibers which were made with an imperishable method so as to assist in conserving our trees. These papers a light brown in color and have a mild creamy look. Some hemp papers are thicker while others possess a coarse That gives an excellent grip when it is being rolled. They release and absorb humidity when left open and burn at a medium rate. Compared to rice papers, organic hemp papers burn longer and give the joint a tender tastes that do not spoil the way the burning Herb smell.

Hemp Wrap Blunts

The way the hemp wraps are made assures that their complete natural flavonoid terpenes remain intact. Set side by side, the process of manufacturing hemp papers destroys the flavonoids and terpenes of the joints.

The hemp wrap blunt has a dense, full-bodied, natural feeling and is made out of pure hemp. Compared to rolling papers, it burns slower and possesses a natural flavor. Thinking of experiencing a joint along with some friends? The hemp blunt wrap is ideal since they're heavier.

Most smokers prefer hemp-rolling paper because of its mild taste and the fact that it is simple to make. These hemp papers contain dried pulp which was made from cannabis sativa.

Palm-Leaf Blunts

These are derived from 2 diverse types of leaves; the Tendu leaf and the Cordia leaf. They have a very slow-burning rate and are 100% natural.

This blunt forms a lovely smoke cloud. It has enough flavor and thick smoke. It is fragile but also hard to tear, which means you can put more herbs in it, but rather than bending, it breaks if by any chance you sit or step on it by mistake.

Rice Papers

It is very common and is known to be among the first material used in producing rolling papers in large quantities. Different top brands started using rice fiber in the late 1800s, and it became very common in the 20th century.

Rice papers are made from refined and compressed rice, all of which are natural ingredients. It burns slowly, has a smooth touch, And takes in humidity if left open. It is an excellent choice for someone who's conscious about his or her health. It is more flexible; therefore, lots of joints can fit into one doob tube. It has no or very slight effect on the joint's taste. Compared to other types of rolling paper, rice paper is the most fragile and weakest. This is considered to be among the healthiest of rolling papers.

Cotton cellulose rolling paper

This is a unique rolling paper made from cotton. The cotton cellulose paper has a slight effect on a joint's taste, it's very strong, and it does not crumble or tear.

Compared to other ruling papers that are clear, these cellulose papers are not made of wood. They are clear and show the joints inside the paper.

Wood pulp

In early times, wood pulp was used to make rolling papers. Some brands still use this material to make rolling papers, but it's not well known due to the harsh tastes it possesses and the possibility that any paper made from wood pulp consists of harmful ingredients. It is easy to identify these papers due to their bleached color (White) and their thickness.

Flax Rolling papers

These papers are not as well known as they were before, but they are still used by many brands to make cones and joint papers. It is simple to make and also among the safest due to its complete natural substance.


These were used by some Spanish brands in Europe to make rolling papers. Esparto, which we can also call "needle grass," is very harsh and comprises more carcinogens.

Popular Rolling Paper Brands

Famous companies producing blunt cones and rolling papers include Element, RAW, Futurola, Zig-Zag, Joker, and Juicy Jay.

Each of these companies has unique blends of paper, design, and branding.


Currently, this is the number one most famous brand dominating the market due to many reasons. There are no additives, 100% natural hemp, and have the best and smoothest papers. This brand has an awesome choice of sizes which are carried in 3 distinct lines: RAW Black, RAW Classic, and RAW organic. Each of these lines gives diverse smoking experiences. Classics are also natural choices used for rolling papers. The primary difference between Raw classic and Raw organic is that classic comprises unbleached fibers while organic kind is made up of hemp. Organic develops in a manner that is eco-friendly, while classic is natural and unprocessed. Raw is less processed and pure, different from anything you've smoked or ever seen. Due to the unbleached fibers, it is naturally light brown in color.


While Raw is famous with the maestros for it being natural, elements have lesser options. They manufacture rice papers in the method that are not perishable such as the use of only sugar and rice and wind as a source of power.

When it comes to burning, they are faster compared to Raw. Their papers are also smooth, but they are very thin that they do not leave ash. They also roll effortlessly.

Elements are loveable and charming. Thru make sure that each of their products passes the high standard checks and also does not carry the strong taste of paper that other rolling papers carry.

Juicy Jay

This brand produced rolling papers solely for legal smokers. They make use of natural gum, soy ink (natural), and hemp. They own a broad selection of juicy flavors and rare ingredients, such as chocolate or pineapple chip cookies.

Each and every paper has a little impression of how the flavor is meant to taste like on the body of the paper. They are also available in extra thin or classic thickness. They are the most fun and flavorful in the rolling papers industry. This paper is perfect for lighting the mood and what makes then very good is the fact that the flavored papers are the sweetest rolls. The use of soy-based ink makes the paper attractive and gives it a vibrant feel.

Looking for something exceptionally good and unique? Try Juicy Jay. What's more, they come in flavors like Bananas, watermelon, kiwi, blueberry, and a lot more.


These brand rolling papers come from all-natural elements, and no chemical is used during the process of refining. They make use of the thinnest and highest quality rolling paper. They are nicotine-free. These rolling papers differ in components and sizes. They produce high-quality papers which exceed the expectation of every customer. They are made in France.


This brand is very popular, and you can find their rolling papers mostly in gas stations and shops. It is made of natural flax and wood pulp. You can see them in famous music videos as well as on television shows.

Zig-Zag is in 5 different thicknesses and sizes. It is among the oldest brands in the industry (1879, to be precise). Among the varieties of rolling papers they have, organic hemp paper places them on the top. These papers are undoubtedly among the best and healthiest papers. The Zig-Zag papers come from non-GMO, vegan, all-natural gum and herb fibers(100%). Thru is not bleached, burns evenly and slowly, and is ultra-thin. Mostly called Green Zig-Zag paper due to the Green wrappings that indicate their natural and organic qualities. It is packaged to fit into a purse or pocket. In this way, consumers can easily take them whenever they want. The highest version of the Zig-Zag rolling paper size is the king slim. Zig-Zag is environmentally friendly.

King Palm

It has over sixty different types of pre-roll cones to pick from. They come in all kinds of sizes, from extra small (rolled) to extra large.

In a gathering of ten people, the large XXL sizes will go round twice or more. The Pre-roll cones are made from Palm leaves, natural which were hand-plucked in a rainforest in Singapore. The leaves are then cleansed with refined water, which brings about a natural clean cone. No chemicals, glues, or pesticides are used, which gives way to a delightful smoking experience. Using chemicals, glue, or even pesticides can bring about pain in a person's lungs, esophagus, and other illnesses. The cones are slow in burning and tobacco-free

Joker Rolling papers

They are made using the French technique, and this makes them well-known. High-quality natural fibers which are collected are some of the ingredients they are made up of.

Jokers rolling papers have great flavors, are made from European paper, and the top-notch quality. Its perfect flavoring combined with the appropriate thickness and even burning makes it an ideal paper.

JWare Pre-Roll Cones

Talking of high quality, JWare must be mentioned. JWare cones are made of beautifully translucent and thin papers though not too thin that it tears when you pack them. The cones come in beautifully-designed boxes. One packing tool is included in each come. They are at cheap prices. It has a smooth burn and does not have a papery taste. The JWare cones have a paper filter that prevents your joints from falling off.

It also improves airflow. JWare Pre-roll comes in different sizes that meet the need of smokers. We have the king-size cone, party cone, super-size, and mega-size along with the cones bundle.


Pre-roll Cones simplify things for smokers and add flavor to a joint. For both recreational and medical smokers, Pre-rolled cones are simple and convenient. Although just buying a sheet and making them into rolls by yourself is cheaper, Pre-rolled cones save your energy and time. It's also the best for those who find it difficult to roll with hand.

Though all are not top quality, you can choose the common pre-roll cones like JWare, Raw, Juicy Jay, Elements, Futurola, Joker,and Zigzags.

Fill with the joints of your choice and enjoy with your joints. No matter the type of pre-roll cone you choose, the good thing is you can find them somewhere. One good place to get your quality pre-roll cones is at Creative Labz. Click here to contact us!


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