Mylar Bags Are Smell Proof, But Are They Dog Proof?

As bags have become a staple in the cannabis industry, many wonder if they are truly the best solution for the storage of flower. Mylar bags have many benefits in their use in the industry. Some of the main reasons Mylar bags are predominantly used would be that they are smell proof, can be made childproof, tamper evident, and can be printed on in an array of ways. That being said, one tends to assume that by simply using a Mylar bag, since the bag is smell proof, that it would be able to trick a drug dog. This involves a little more clarity as the statement is true and false in the same breath. When deciphering if using a smell proof Mylar bag will beat a drug dog one must focus on preparation and use of the bag.

In the cannabis industry, regulated or not, an evolution has been underway in the packaging market as bags used for flower have changed from cellophane and sandwich bags to Mylar bags. These bags have many perks that other packaging options don't economically offer such as being smell proof. Because of this, Mylar bags are widely used for packaging flower in raw or pre-roll form. By using a heavy duty zipper, barrier bags have the ability to be smell proof, lock in terpene flavor, and maintain freshness. Mylar barrier bags are used to package all quantities of cannabis with bags commonly ready for packaging 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g and 448g increments. In today's market, its hard not to be somewhat familiar with Mylar bags as a form of flower packaging.

With a little background being laid out, one can see how it can be confusing if a drug dog would be able to locate a smell proof bag that claims to maintain odor. This leads to the preparation of how the product was put into the bag. If the flower is simply weighed, put into the bag, zipped and sealed shut, a dog will be able to detect the product inside. This is due to the outside of the bag not being sterilized after handling the product. When handling most all organic items, particles and scents can be transferred from the organic material to the outside of the bag by touch. By taking the proper steps one can maximize the ability of using a Mylar bag for flower storage to its fullest potential. 

When packaging flower, it is not necessary to take extra steps when using Mylar bags, but in relation to making them truly smell proof, it is a must. When packaging cannabis it goes without saying, gloves should be worn at all times. Glove use, and the frequency of which they are changed makes a big difference in the true smell proof abilities of using Mylar bags. Try to avoid touching the outside of the bag with a glove or surface that has been contaminated by organic material. To sterilize an area, it is recommended to use rubbing alcohol as it does great work in breaking down cannabinoids and related scents. Once the bag has been zipped closed, use a heat sealer to completely seal the opening zipper. The final step is to wipe the outside of the Mylar bag with rubbing alcohol as well as possible to make sure the outside of the bag is not contaminated.

The Mylar bag is unquestionably smell proof, especially when sealed by both zipper and heat seal. The key to turning the bag from a smell proof bag, to a bag that can trick the dog is all in the preparation. With the bag being smell proof, if handled properly and sterilized after use, it can and will beat the dog detection. This is not to say "push the luck and test the law", but rather to show how effective Mylar bags can be in keeping in freshness and odor while not leaving a skunky trail. The bags abilities combined with sterile practices, and its inexpensive pricing, make the Mylar bag the ideal packaging solution for cannabis flower.

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