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How To Best Maintain The Quality Of My Weed

How to increase the shelf life of my cannabis
If you want your stash to last and keep its quality, you must store it properly. Where you store your buds, whether for a long time or simply till the end of the week, has a big impact on their flavor and strength. We'll show you how to preserve cannabis properly in this article so you can always have
a high-quality flower on hand.

So, why does it matter how marijuana is kept? Isn't it simply as simple as putting it in a sandwich baggie and calling it a day? If you want it to last, don't do it. The difficulty with poor storage is that if your flower comes in contact with too much air, you risk decreasing the quality. And if it becomes too moist, mold may develop. However, keeping your bud's aromatic, fluffy, and strong requires a well-balanced environment.

Why proper cannabis storage is so important?

The most serious threat to cannabis's shelf life is moisture. Overly damp cannabis can also be harmful to one's health since it promotes the formation of mold and mildew. The "Standard Specification for Maintaining Acceptable Water Activity (aw) Range (0.55 to 0.65) for Dry Cannabis Flower" was issued in May 2018 by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which creates technical standards for a variety of sectors.

"The (quantitative) capability of the weed in a sealed container to change the humidity of the container's headspace air," according to the ATSM. The air that surrounds the flower is known as headspace. The vapor pressure of pure water is measured by water activity. It is 55 percent water if the water activity is 0.55.

A relative humidity level of more than 65 percent can dramatically increase the chances of mold growing on your cannabis. The drying procedure dehydrates cannabis until it has a moisture level of less than 15%, according to the American Herbal Products Association, and the curing step gently removes the residual moisture to maintain the volatile oils.

So, too much moisture is harmful, but losing too much can damage your flower's integrity. Your flower, for example, may grow brittle and lose important terpenes, which impair potency and flavor.

Fortunately, the process of finding the right balance begins long before you purchase weed. While there are no two cultivators that dry their flowers in the same way, they all dry their blooms and then cure them.

When cannabis is correctly cured, moisture trapped inside the bud is allowed to slowly evaporate from the flower without harming the cannabinoids and terpenes. The flower is placed into packaging that has had extra oxygen removed once it has reached the ideal moisture content (usually between 6 and 9 percent). It's critical to preserve that equilibrium when you get it home.

The water activity of your cannabis should be between 0.55 and 0.65 for proper storage. Because water activity rises with temperature, keeping buds fresh requires a combination of light and temperature regulation.

The Best Way to Store Weed

When properly cured and stored, cannabis flowers can have a shelf life of up to a year or more. While purchasing properly-cured cannabis is the initial step, you can keep your cannabis fresh for the long term by following these common-sense tips.

Mylar bags are a popular choice among cannabis smokers. These bags may be moved silently and out of sight of curious children because they are opaque. Today's mylar bags are tamper-proof and child-resistant. They have a reusable zip-locking mechanism and a rip tab at the top, so you'll know if someone tried to open them before you got them.

Some cannabis users always maintain their fresh buds in mylarbags. The top zip lock creates a seal that keeps marijuana fresh and free of contaminants. Mylar blocks UV radiation keeps the product cool and is chemical-free (unlike plastic bags). These features contribute to the long-term retention of marijuana's medicinal benefits.

Keep in mind that if you want to sell your items in a see-through container, you will almost definitely have to put them all in a Mylar bag anyhow, according to various state marijuana restrictions. For example, all cannabis packaging in California must be opaque; thus, see-through glass jars aren't allowed.

Throughout history, glass has been used to transport medications, tinctures, concentrates, waxes, and lotions. And it isn't without reason. The chemicals will not seep into the packing since glass is naturally non-porous. Clear glass is especially perfect for exhibition packaging since it allows you to see the unique hue of the shatter. Of course, nothing is perfect. As a result, glass concentration containers have some drawbacks, such as breakability and cost (depending on where you get your cannabis packaging). More attention is essential while carrying cannabis products in glass containers.

Cannabis should be stored at 55 to 67 percent relative humidity. Humidity packs can help maintain moisture levels and reduce product weight loss during storage. They look great with our Mylar bags, especially when they're used to store pre-roll cones and flowers. When marijuana packing humidity isn't adequately regulated, the product loses weight and loses its terpene profile. If you're storing edibles, maintaining humidity in the bag isn't necessary. Without the use of a humidity absorber, heat sealing the top of the Mylar bag and locking the zipper securely will keep edibles fresh. We highly advise using adequately sized humidity packs while storing cannabis to prevent the cannabis from drying out, losing weight, or losing flavor.


The priceless trichomes on your marijuana buds, like practically everything else, aren't going to survive forever. Exposure to heat, light, and moisture causes changes in the molecular structure over time.

Extreme temperatures, too much air, too much moisture, or too many UV rays cause chemical changes in cannabinoids and terpenes, which diminish the flower's effectiveness. Taste and mouthfeel can also be affected by these characteristics. Watch the harvest date on the container and take precautions to avoid exposure to the conditions indicated above to keep your cannabis in good shape for as long as possible.

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