Doob Tubes | The Pre-Roll Tube You Should Be Using

With the cannabis market expanding every day, companies are focusing on developing accessories and equipment that are suitable for all marijuana products. Doob tubes, for example, are quickly becoming a required item that, despite their simplicity, may help you conserve not only money but also cannabis goods. 

What is the Purpose of a Doob Tube?

Doob tubes are slender, odor-proof containers made to store your pre-rolls or vape cartridges in airtight packets. They offer a discrete, child resistant packaging solution that allows you to carry it in your pocket or purse. When manufacturing doob tubes, companies employ moisture-resistant materials. As a result, you won't have to bother about replacing it all the time, as they can be reused the by consumers if they choose.

Types of Doob Tubes

Doob tubes come in a variety of sizes, much like so many other accouterments.  These accessories are also available in a variety of materials and designs, ranging from opaque hues to hilarious phrases and unusual patterns.

When purchasing a doob tube, the material is an important consideration. You'll find certain sorts of doob tubes that best match your needs, preferences, and budget, depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.

ONE THING TO NOTE: Storing Pre-Rolls or cannabis next to foam will dry out your product. Boxes with foam inserts for pre-rolls should be avoided.

Glass Doob Tubes

Glass doob tubes are less common. Glass accessories are gorgeous, but they are far too delicate to deal with. As a result, consumers choose long-lasting and sturdy materials to those that are aesthetically pleasing. But let's say you're still interested in buying them. For a reasonable price, EZtube offers a box of 5 transparent containers with a cork top to add that rustic touch while keeping everything inside fresh and conveniently accessible.

Plastic Doob Tubes

Polycarbonate plastic is a popular choice for low-cost doob tubes. Creative Labz, for example, is one of the industry's pioneers in this area. What sets us apart is our efficiency, quality, and a wide choice of designs that appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers with varying demands, budgets, and preferences.

Smell-proof Doob Tubes

Most doob tubes are odor-proof, but if this is a major worry for you and you want to be completely certain you won't be dealing with the scent of your cache, you may choose a smell-proof doob tube. Their tight-fitting tubes will easily conceal this element, so no one will know what you're holding. It also keeps pollutants and water out, with an easy-to-open top cover for individuals who have trouble twisting and squeezing.

Child Resistant Doob Tubes

We are aware of a child's curiosity, which may be an issue when we are attempting to be discreet with certain of our household products. If you work with children frequently, there are some fantastic child-proof doob tubes available. These tubes resist a child's temptation owing to the well-known press down and turn top, which is appropriate for this duty.

Metal Doob Tube

DoobieTube is high-class pre-roll protection for your pre-rolls when storing them in your handbag or pockets, made of surgical-grade stainless steel. To prohibit unpleasant odors from escaping, the screw-top encloses them with a lock-tight seal. This excellent smoking accessory keeps all contents dry and safe. Whether it's rainy or sweltering outside, this top-rated smoking accessory will keep your weed in good shape.

Are Doob Tubes Odor-Proof?

Absolutely. One of the reasons why doob tubes have become so popular is because they keep you from being too obvious about what you're carrying. Furthermore, doob tubes have a particular cap that is designed to keep any smells within while preserving the purity of the pre-rolled herb.

Doob Tubes Alternatives

There are numerous doob tube alternatives that allow you to do more than simply take a single thing with you while being covert. All you have to consider is how much luggage you have with you. Do you need to have everything ready before you start a session? Would you rather retain your buds whole? These questions will help in determining what you are looking for.

After you've set your requirements, use this list to ensure you get the best doob tube option.

A KLIP has enough room in its chamber to transport a couple of nugs, whether they're already ground or ready to slice. A freshly cooked roll is preferable to none at all.
Stash jars and boxes are available in a variety of forms, colors, and materials. They have the same properties as doob tubes, such as being odor-proof and water-resistant.
Smell-proof bags resemble conventional bags and capture odors on the inside as well. They feature greater storage capacity and come in a variety of shapes and colors.
One-hitters are also small and discrete. All you just need to do now is ignite the herb that you've prepared inside.
Vaporizers are contemporary gadgets that may be readily concealed if discretion is required, as many of them mimic a pen or similar object depending on size and shape.

How to Use a Doob Tube

To use a doob tube, remove the lid and place your pre-roll inside before carefully screwing the top back on. Because this is one of the few major gadgets that does not factor in complexity, many people find it intriguing to include it in their everyday life.

At Creative Labz, we're always coming up with new ways to capture nature's beautiful shapes while being useful. As a result, at our shop, you'll be able to select the ideal doob tube for your pre-rolls. We are confident that our product will suit your requirements and that you will be able to carry your herb anywhere you desire. To get your custom pre-roll tubes, visit


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