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Ceramic Vape Cartridges | Quality vs. Price

510 Vape Cartridges
Ceramic vape cartridges
are one of these recent technological advancements. It has quickly replaced wick-style cartridges as the preferred cartridge for both expert and inexperienced processors. Metal coils wrapped in cotton wicking material are used in traditional vaping devices to pull the oil to the heating element, where it gets vaporized. Traditional vaping devices utilize metal coils wrapped in cotton wicking material to bring the oil to the heating element, where it is vaporized. However, this new type of vape cartridges employs ceramic coils to heat and vape your extracts.

Ceramic vape pens were probably created to address some of the issues connected with cotton-based cartridges, like the oxidation of metal coils and the spit-back effect.

Ceramic Coils Vs. Metal Coils

Ceramic coils differ greatly from normal wire coils in terms of construction. Metal coils are wrapped in cotton wicks in traditional vape cartridges, whereas ceramic coils do not have wicks wrapped around them. Ceramic coils are made of a porous ceramic layer that allows oils to diffuse through them, resulting in a more consistent, powerful, and high-quality smoke than cotton-wicked coils.

Another major difference is that, while metal coils heat up quicker than ceramic coils, the latter, in my view, retains heat better and draws more cleanly.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coils

When compared to standard metal coils, ceramic coils have various benefits. Some of the advantages of ceramic coils are listed below:

·        Better Flavor:

Ceramic's porous nature lets it absorb more of your concentrate, allowing it to vaporize more of it with each draw. Ceramics are also clean and free of impurities that might produce a bad interaction with your oil because they are now made with high-grade clay. With each stroke, a pure and high-quality flavor is imparted.

·        Optimum Resilience:

Ceramic is well-known for its great heat resistance. As a result, a ceramic coil will not be damaged by high temperatures and is highly long-lasting.

·        High Adaptability:

Ceramic coils are also superior at heating and drawing through high viscosity fluids like those used in the Cannabis/CBD sector.

·        No Burnt Flavor:

When you use a ceramic vape cartridge, you lessen your chances of getting a burnt taste from a dry hit. Furthermore, the even more innovative full ceramic cartridges deliver a consistently comprehensive and strong clean experience.

Overall, the evolution of ceramic vape cartridges is a significant advancement in the vape business since it addresses the shortcomings of traditional cotton-based cartridges. What do you believe will happen next? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Vape Cartridges that are cheap and poorly made will ruin your experience

There's nothing that compares to the glory of vaping when it's done correctly. Anywhere and at any moment, the perfect draw, the ideal high. However, there are several things that may go wrong. When you rely on a subpar gadget, the chances of anything horrible happening increase while the chances of you receiving the high you desire decrease significantly. The difficulty is that you might be using a cheap vape pen without even realizing it. Things might appear to be fine at first with the inexpensive items. However, it won't be long until the unavoidable occurs. In the best-case scenario, you'll have to replace your pen or cartridge. Worst-case scenario? Your carts leak, don't work, or have your customers face blown off. This isn't a joke and can ruin your product/brand.

Four major reasons why cheap vape pens should be avoided

Let's get into the specifics. Here is why you should stay away from cheap, poorly manufactured vape pens. Seriously, spend whatever it takes to obtain a nice one. You will not be sorry.

1.    Cheap vape pens have the potential to overheat or underheat

Weed cartridges, like vape pens, come in a wide range of quality. All carts carry certain health concerns that aren't fully understood. Your vape pen is heating up the contents so that you may inhale them. It's a fantastic thing when that product is pure cannabis oil, free of solvents, pesticides, and other harmful compounds. But consider the environment in which the oil is stored. Metal parts such as heating coils and bushings are contained in a glass and metal container. Even carts with ceramic ovens can't completely remove metal contamination. It's not healthy to breathe in vaporized metallic oxides. Using a low-cost, poorly-made vape pen only enhances your chances of doing so.

One of the most prevalent issues with low-cost, poorly-made vapes is their tendency to overheat or underheat. Overheating may be harmful to your health as well as your cartridge. If you get things too hot, you risk shorting out the atomizer in the cart or getting harsh, completely burned hit. Furthermore, overheating can cause metallic materials to heat beyond their tolerance limits, producing hazardous compounds. In other words, too much heat might expose you to carcinogens. Cannabis is intended to aid in the treatment of cancer, not cause it!

There are also batteries that do not heat up sufficiently. This causes difficulties when trying to smoke the concentrate. You won't be able to vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes at the proper heat levels, robbing you of their delectable tastes and relaxing benefits. Furthermore, constantly tugging on a cart that isn't becoming hot enough—because you want that big hit—will generate a slew of air bubbles, obstructing the oil's ability to flow efficiently. Imagine buying a bunch of cheap vape cartridges, filling them, and having customers come back in mass after experiencing these issues. What a nightmare that would be!

2.    Poor-quality batteries can cause serious and even fatal device failure.

Phones are exploding. Automobiles detonate. Vape pens, too, have exploded. There were more than two dozen incidences of e-cigarettes bursting between 2009 and 2014, prior to the precipitous increase of vaping's popularity. Today, there are innumerable instances about pens exploding, catching fire, sparking, shorting out, and more on the internet.

Lithium-ion batteries that are inexpensive are prone to catching fire. They also have a hard time withstanding even mildly severe conditions. Temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit, can substantially impair a Li-ion battery's capacity to function properly. Short circuits, overheating, fire, and explosion are all possibilities for the battery. It's fantastic.

Worse, many individuals try to use cheap vape pens with cheap batteries that have passed their expiration date. When a battery receives too many charges, it begins to develop dendrites. Dendrites are conductive and combustible to the same extent as gasoline. So, once the dendrites have covered the battery and created a short between the two electrodes, it's game over. That's exactly what occurred earlier this year when a vape pen exploded, killing the user. Others were fortunate to escape with serious burns, broken bones in their faces, and missing teeth.

3.    Cheap Vape Cartridges Have A Tendency To Leak.

One of the biggest issues we have seen our customers run into before using our ceramic vape cartridges is leaks. Regularly we hear stories about a customer who sourced cheap vape carts for a while with no negative results, only to fill a batch 1,000 plus during a session that have all sorts of issues. Not only would there be the customer blow back to your brand for pushing cheap hardware, but then think about the time to fill the cartridges, the time to reclaim your product, and the product that would be unreclaimable from the leaky cheap vape cartridges. We highly recommend going with higher end cartridges! A deal is a deal, but if they seem like too good of a bargain to pass up, do yourself the favor and stay away.

4.    Cheap Vape Cartridges Are Likely To Have A Higher Defect Rate.


As mentioned above, filling a large amount of cheap vape cartridges only to later find out that you invested in poor quality hardware is a nightmare. Just as we have seen customers have cheap vape cartridges that leak, we've also heard plenty of stories from customers who have filled thousands of cartridges only to find that they have a 20% or higher defect rate. When running a business no one has time to assess negative customer experience on such a high rate. Therefore, we recommend doing you and you customers the favor by picking up higher quality, fully ceramic vape cartridges like the ones we stock here at Creative Labz.


Hopefully, you're on the lookout for a new vape pen by now. The issue is that they might be difficult to locate. Imposters and counterfeit pens abound on the market and there is no regulatory entity monitoring the gadgets. The FDA, which claims vape pens are a consumer device, not food or medication, is transferring the buck to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, which is strapped for cash. So it's up to you to do your homework and invest in real, high-quality, well-made ceramic vape cartridges and vape pens by visiting Creative Labz.

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