How To Package Dried Shrooms For Retail

The use of magic mushrooms enables users to have profoundly spiritual encounters. Psilocybin mushrooms are used by people for a variety of purposes, including hallucinogenic entertainment, and the therapy of depression.

Magic mushrooms can degrade, lose strength, and even become extremely prone to infection or mold if they are not maintained properly, posing a serious risk to your health.

Fortunately, if you get the hang of it, storing magic mushrooms is a rather simple process that doesn't have to be overly expensive. Everything you ought to know about preserving and packaging dried shrooms for retail has been outlined by Creative Labz. First, let us highlight the important things you need to know about storing dried shrooms, then we will talk about the best way to package them for sale.

The Complete Guide to Storing Mushrooms

Before we get into everything you should know about correctly storing magic mushrooms, you should first decide whether you're storing fresh magic mushrooms or magic truffles, which can survive up to three months in a sufficiently chilly setting, or dried shrooms, which can last over 12 months if you do things the right way.

You incur a potentially dangerous risk if you don't take the right storage precautions for any type of fungi. When attempting to give your mushrooms the greatest shelf life possible, you need to be mindful of the following four factors:

  • Heat
  • Oxygen
  • Mold & bacteria
  • UV light

Your mushrooms will lose potency, degrade, or rot if any of these four elements aren't carefully monitored and taken into account. If you make a mistake and eat mushrooms that have mold or bacteria growing on them, your health is at risk.

Consuming mushrooms can already make you feel queasy or sick, and adding mold or bacteria to the mix can seriously damage your digestive system, which won't be enjoyable to go through mid-trip.

Here are some of the most practical and economical ways to store magic mushrooms for optimal long-term potential, bearing these four crucial considerations in mind:

1.    Glass Jars

The simplest way to keep dried mushrooms is using this method. Glass jars are simple to purchase and offer your fungus an airtight, oxygen-free home for up to a year. You can get glass jars from us, and even have your brand customized on them if you want to package them for retail. (For reference in the future, we strongly advise writing the date you preserved the mushrooms on the jar.)

Keep your glass jars packed with mushrooms in a dry, dark, cool location for optimal results. Also keep in mind that after around six months of storage, the mushrooms will probably lose part of their effectiveness even though they will continue to be active and free of bacteria and mold for up to 12 months.

2.    Mylar Bags

Another relatively affordable option for preserving dried mushrooms is to place them in Mylar bags. If you use them carefully, they provide the same level of security as mason jars.

Squeeze to remove as much air as you can from the Mylar bag before sealing it to store magic mushrooms, and make sure there are no holes or openings before storing the bag.

3.    Chocolate

When combined with psilocybin, chocolate can last up to 18 months when stored properly, making it a wonderful way to keep your mushrooms fresh.

Making your homemade psilocybin chocolate is as simple as powdering dry mushrooms, melting chocolate over a burner, and combining both of them. Just make sure to wait until the chocolate has slightly cooled before adding the powder to avoid destroying the psilocybin content and reducing effectiveness.

This is a fantastic (and delicious) way to shield your magic mushrooms from the elements because chocolate blocks UV rays and oxygen.

4.    Honey

Another fantastic option is to mix your dried mushrooms with honey if the edible approach seems to suit you or your customers the best. If properly preserved, mushroom-infused honey can survive up to 18 months and even longer—in most cases, up to 2 years.

Put the dried mushrooms in a mason jar, then pour honey over the top to do this. If possible, choose raw honey and make sure they are submerged by half an inch, at least.

Either way will work well for storing the mushrooms in the honey, whether you first powderize them or just add them whole. The active components of the mushrooms will gradually absorb the honey during their stay in the jar, enabling you to finally consume the honey alone to feel the shroom's effects.

5.    Capsules

Shroom consumption in form of capsules is becoming more and more common, particularly in the brave new realm of microdosing. Unbelievably easy to make at home, capsulized mushrooms can be stored for up to a year without significantly losing their potency.

The trick is to pack the capsules as full as you can because any empty places allow oxygen to enter, which speeds up the fungi's breakdown.

Use a desiccant or oxygen absorber when storing capsules to help ensure that the potency doesn't deteriorate over time.


How To Package Dried Shrooms For Your Retail Business

If you own a store where you are selling dried shrooms, you want to make it appealing to the eyes of your customers while also protecting your products from getting spoilt. You need a high-quality packaging solution to ensure that the dried shrooms are safe for consumption.

One of the packaging options that you can consider using for your magic mushrooms is Mylar bags. This offers great protection to your dried shrooms, preventing Heat, Oxygen, Mold & bacteria, and UV light from affecting them.

You can contact us at Creative Labz for your custom, high-quality Mylar bags and glass jars to package your dried shrooms for retail.