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Glass Jars Vs Mylar Bags | Shroom Packaging

It is indeed a very blessed event to come across magic mushrooms. It can be very uncommon so we would love to store them. They must be properly dried if not the mushrooms will decompose, form mold, and lose their flavor and potency. If not properly stored, they tend to be highly prone to bacteria or mold and they might lose their potency in time. Proper packaging for shrooms is affordable, easy, and convenient, and increases the long life of magic mushrooms, and guess what, it looks kind of great on your shelf. The process of having your mushrooms dried is a way of preserving and extending magic mushroom's shelf life.

So it is very essential to store them properly to protect your mushrooms and also maintain the mushroom's potency.

Let's talk about 2 ways of packaging shrooms.

  • Mylar bags:

  • These bags are perfect for packaging magic mushrooms for a long period. They are also a great accompaniment to vacuum sealing. Why do we say so?

    This is because Mylar bags extend a very low OTR which is a result of their thick layer. These Mylar bags also protect from light, odor, and moisture in three layers. Although very thin and flexible, it is very durable and strong. It isn't difficult to use and is also puncture-resistant. They are made in a way that they resist punctures and tears which are very important for packaging magic mushrooms and keeping them from the reach of children. 

    They are resealable. Flexibility in Mylar bags makes it possible to minimize the content of air which jars cannot do. Due to the bag's opacity, your food's nutrients are surely preserved. These bags won't leak and they do a great job of protecting your shrooms from humidity and oxygen.

    Mylar bags give your shrooms additional protection from ultraviolet radiation/light. The Mylar bags complemented with Vacuum seals are considered the golden standard when it comes to storing your mushrooms for a long period ( 2-3 years).

    It is cheaper to get and can take more food items. Mylar bags don't take up a lot of space compared to Glass Jars. Mylar bags are also reusable as long as you have portions of material at the top for sealing the bags. They protect against moisture that damages your mushrooms, bugs, and hatching.

    Glass Jars:

    These glasses are closed using a plastic cover or a screw to avoid pests threatening the shrooms. It ensures protection as well as tightness from foreign odors, bugs, and so on. Compared to Mylar bags, they are more expensive. The prices also depend on the appearance, décor, and design of the jars. Unlike Mylar bags, they are to be stored in a dry, well-ventilated room that does not have temperature changes. Compared to Mylar bags, they are so fragile. A very strong impact is capable of fracturing the container thereby leading to content waste and making the glass Jars useless. It can also be shattered when it is heated and immediately exposed to cool air or water.

    When it comes to weight, Glass jars are heavy. It is also dangerous when it breaks because glass pieces are often hard to find. They can cause a lot of damage if any piece of the glass mixes with the content in the jars.

    Based on research, it is clear that Mylar bags are much better for storing your dried shrooms. There are so many reasons to conclude this:

    • They are very affordable, unlike very expensive glass jars.
    • Extends the shelf life of your magic mushrooms by keeping oxygen and moisture out.
    • Preserves the quality of the shrooms keeping the product fresh.
    • Mylar bags are opaque. They are made of Ultraviolet radiation/light which does not allow light to penetrate the bag which is not the case with glass Jars.
    • Children Resistant: It is very easy to use a Mylar bag in houses with curious children.
    • Mylar bags are strong, unlike fragile glass jars.
    • They are reusable and can be sealed from time to time.
    • Even when they fall, nothing happens to them but with glass Jars, when they fall, they break.
    • They are smell free.
    • It is available in different sizes for any type of food content.
    • It is made in a way that cannot tear or resist punctures.


    It is very necessary to preserve your dried shrooms so you can enjoy them during the seasons that they are not much, to increase the shelf life, and preserve their flavor and potency. Storing them with Mylar bags is the golden standard when it comes to packaging your magic mushrooms. It is best for storing them for a very long period (for two to three years).

    Package your dried shrooms in Mylar bags, seal them tightly and be 100% sure that your magic mushrooms are safe for whenever you want to consume them and enjoy the same potency as it was when they were first dried.

    Visit us today at Creative Labz to get high-quality Mylar Bags to package and preserve your dried shrooms. We can also help you with custom packaging design if you want to showcase your brand.