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CUSTOM Crutch | Hemp Paper 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize

CUSTOM Crutch | Hemp Paper 109mm Pre-Roll Cones | 1 Gram Kingsize

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This is a factory direct listing. 

This listing is for custom Pre-rolled cones where we apply your logo to the crutch. Once ordered we will reach out to you in order to obtain the crutch color you’d prefer as well as your logo.

It is important to know we do not create logos for this listing.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us directly!

Manufacturing Time Frame Est. | 15-20 Days

Shipping Time Frame Est. | 10-14 Days 

Dimensions: 109mm | Hemp Paper Cones | As smokers attempt to find 100% organic, chemical-free products, hemp pre-rolled cones are easily one of the most reliable brands in the marketplace. Using completely unrefined hemp with zero burn additives. 

PAPER TYPE: Hemp Paper



LENGTH: 109mm

FILTER: 26mm Crutch | W Shape Fold Then Spiraled Filter

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