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TRUTH | Pre-Roll Packaging | Doob Tube 116 mm With

TRUTH | Pre-Roll Packaging | Doob Tube 116 mm With Label

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TRUTH | Pre-Roll Packaging Doob Tubes:

Dimensions: 116mm 4.25” | Child Resistant | These pre-roll packaging doob tubes are resealable, smell proof and guaranteed to keep your flower fresh.

Our child resistant pre-roll packaging doob tube offers a sleek, discreet safe way to store your products for dispensary and recreational needs. The doob tube offers an industry standard pop-top child resistance feature that is easy for adults to use and certified child resistant by CPSC and ASTM testing protocol standards. These pre-roll tubes offer an airtight seal to persevere freshness and ultimate security against children.

  • Size: 116mm
  • ASTM certified
  • Feature: Pop Top
  • Color: Black

[100% SMELL PROOF] - Keep those skunky odors locked away for discrete storage of your favorite products. This secure pre-roll packaging will ensure your product stays fresh for longer.

[PERFECT FOR LONG TERM STORAGE] - Our pre-roll packaging is made for long term storage of herbs, spices, leaves and much more. These heavy-duty plastic doob tubes will keep your product fresher for longer. These tubes are a much better alternative to simple zip bags when it comes to pre-rolls.

[PREMIUM AIR-TIGHT RESEALABLE POP TOP] - Our high-quality pre-roll doob tubes feature an air-tight resealable pop-top that keeps your contents fresh and secure. This child resistant resealable pop top will lock in any odors and freshness.

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